My L.A. to Z: Shemar Moore

When he isn’t kicking down doors on “Criminal Minds” as tough guy Derek Morgan, the Encino resident keeps busy celebrating his Irish roots and checking out classic cars



Bike Effect

This a great shop because you not only can buy products or get your bike put together but they take you through a pretty elaborate training of proper cycling.They hook you up to a stationary bike and they walk you through the mechanics and fit you precisely to the bike.Every year I do a M.S. 100 mile bike ride for my mother to help raise awareness for multiple sclerosis. I have a high end all carbon bike that for four or five months out of the year I get pretty serious about.

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The Santa Monica Stairs

If you live in L.A. then you know these stairs.There’s the wood stairs and the cement stairs. When I’m in shape I do 10 to 15 sets of the wood stairs and fivesets of the cement stairs. When I’m not in shape I do sixsets and then go throw up in a bush and go home!




Terra Nova

I’ve been into interior decorating on and off throughout my life. People joke that I’m Martha Stewart’s brother from another mother. I’ve gotten a lot of my wood pieces, like my dining room table and coffee tables and armoires from Terra Nova. I did my house from head to toe. I also remodeled and redecorated my mother’s place in Redondo. My style is sort of a Spanish-y Moroccan vibe; no bright colors.

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Stevie’s Creole Cafe & Bar

This place has Creole food from New Orleans. It’s close to my house in Encino on Ventura and they have  Cajun, spicy, Southern, make-you-want-to-smack-somebody type of food.

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Bob’s Big Boy’s Friday Night Classic Car Show

In the parking lot right next to Bob’s Big Boy every Friday night they have all kinds of cars, but mostly old school classics.These cars are justso cool looking.You get to meet the owners and they walk you through every little detail of what they did to trick out the car. From the engine to the interior to the suspension, they have a story behind everything.If I’m in the neighborhood on a Friday night I’ll go walk around the parking lot for an hour or so rather than going out to a club.



In Training

It’s a small little gym. Halle Berry has worked out there, and so has Bette Midler, Vivica Fox and Cuba Gooding Jr.It’s not a celebrity gym, but you have to have a trainer in order to work out there so it’s not just any old gym that you can walk into.There are weights and cardio in the front and in the back is an oversized garage that’s been turned into a boxing gym. It’s just a fun way to stay in shape.

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Once upon a time I hosted Soul Train for fiveyears, and I used to get a lot of my clothes that I would wear on the show at Traffic.I would also go there to shop for myself for red carpet stuff or Hollywood stuff or for my own life. I still go there and hang out. I’ve become friends with the people who work there over the past 16 years.

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John Varvatos

This is my favorite store to go for nice, classy clothes. I’ve been shopping here for probably a decade. If I’m going to go to New York, or anytime I can splurge a little bit, I’ll go and update my wardrobe. This is my Santa Claus gift for myself. It’s where I go to spoil myself.

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Timmy Nolans

Timmy Nolans is a cool little Irish pub In Toluca Lake. I’m half black and half white, and I have Irish roots.One of my best friends is from Boston and she’s part Irish so we’ll go over there and get a beer and do the Irish thing.

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Soho House

You have to be a member or you have to be invited by one to get in. I guess I’m not one of the cool kids because I don’t have a membership, but I’ve been there twice before with friends. That’s the thing about L.A.: there are a lot of places where it’s all about who you are and who you know, which can be good or bad.

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Shamrock Tattoo

Whether you’re getting tattoos or not this is a cool place to hang. It’s right on the strip across from the Key Club on Sunset. All my tattoos are from Mark Mahoney.He’s a really famous tattoo artist. He did Tupac, 50 Cent, Lenny Kravitz, Brad Pitt, Pamela Anderson—he’s done everybody. I have five tattoos: one on my leg, one on my right shoulder, one on my left arm, and I just got a piece on my back of Barack Obama, Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X that says ‘Carpe Diem.’

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Sunset Tower

This is my agent’s favorite place to meet. it’s low key and beautiful and the food is amazing. It’s really dimly lit so when you go in there you have no idea who else is there. You couldbe sitting next to Barbara Streisand and you would have no idea.

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