My LA to Z: Seth Rogen


Seth Rogen had a great 2011. He stared in 50/50, co-wrote The Green Hornet, hosted the 19th annual “A Night at Sardis,” and married his longtime girlfriend. This year he hosted the Independent Spirit Awards and is starring in two films. At the Alzheimer’s Association benefit Hilarity for Charity, the self-described homebody told us where he spends his downtime—as if he has any.

1 Golden Apple

I don’t hang out enough. But I’ll go to the comic book store sometimes and hang out there. The people there are very shy and nerdy and don’t come up to me too much, so that’s good. I drop in once every week or so.

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Animal and Son of a Gun

I like those places and those guys [Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo] a lot. Those guys are awesome. I’ll eat anything. I’ll eat the pig tail or pig ear. I don’t usually have regrets, I usually like it.

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3 Raleigh Studios

I shot Freaks & Geeks at Raleigh Studios, which is right across from Paramount, and now whenever I drive to Paramount I feel like I should be going to Raleigh Studios, because I take the same route. That was a good time. I loved it.

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I’ve been going to Chic-fil-A quite a bit lately I have to say. It’s awesome. I just get the chicken sandwich, straight up. It’s really good. I discovered it while I was working on Da Ali G Show in 2004. Sasha [Baron Cohen] was the first person who told me about Chic-fil-A. He was like, it’s the best shit ever. It sounded too good to be true but then I tried it, and it was awesome.

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