My LA to Z: Sebastian Roché

If the French-Scottish actor looks familiar, it’s likely because he’s starred in all of your favorite shows: <em>Once Upon a Time</em>, <em>Scandal</em>, and <em>The Originals</em> to name a few. Here he talks hiking with his pups, scenic horseback riding, and nude beaches


faison2We live in Venice, so we love to go to Abbott Kinney. We usually skateboard or bike or walk down. The great thing about Gjelina is it’s a tapas-style restaurant, and the menu changes a lot. We’re pescatarians, and there’s lot of fish and vegetables. Usually there’s this salad with smoked trout, and there’s this fabulous kale salad. It’s really delicious. They also have this amazing dish with corn and cheese.

Mandeville Canyon

faison5We go there a lot because we love to hike with our dogs in Westridge-Canyonback Wilderness Park. It’s a pretty big hike, about seven-plus miles. My wife adores going there, and we have a great time…when I’m not rock climbing or doing other sports!

Point Dume State Beach

faison7We love watching the sunsets at Point Dume. We climb it sometimes, but it’s not the best. But it’s so gorgeous up there that we’ll go to see to see the whales, the dolphins…there’s always something.

Saddlerock Ranch

faison4We often go horseback riding at Saddlerock Ranch. It’s a cool ranch. A lot of people have weddings there, and they have these sort of safari tours with zebras and giraffes. A lot of people board their horses there. It’s really quite beautiful riding there; it’s gorgeous wilderness. It’s wonderful apart from the country music, but don’t tell them that [laughs]! Afterwards we like to go to Malibu Café.

Malibu Creek State Park

faison5I’m a big rock-climber, and I love to climb at Malibu Creek State Park. Not only is it a beautiful park, but not a lot a people know about it. It’s gorgeous and not far from a restaurant over there called The Old Place.


faison2Zinque has a very nice outside area, and we love to hang out there. I usually order a nice French beer. I get the pistou soup, which is a typical French dish. It’s like a pesto soup with potatoes and pasta in it. We love to have these little tartines there. Some have avocado and tomato and cheese, and others have this wonderful tuna with parmesan and broken up chips in it. It’s really good.


faison7There are two teachers we love: one is named Joan Hyman at the Larchmont location, and the other is Heather Seiniger at the Montana location. What I love about these classes is that they put an accent on alignment, and they’re flow classes. It’s very high-caliber teaching. Both Joan and Heather are very particular on positioning and doing the movements in the best possible way. It’s not just going and doing yoga and you don’t ask questions, it’s really for the betterment of your body and your alignment. That’s the whole point of yoga and that’s why we love doing the classes.


faison2It was opened by the owners of Gjelina, and it’s a high-end gourmet shop with a patio next to it. You go inside and they have this huge, long counter with these amazing breads, pastries, fish dishes, and salads; you order at the counter and they serve it to you and you can eat outside in the terrace area under this really nice tree that provides a lot of shade. It’s a really wonderful place to go to for coffee, tea, everything.

El Matador State Beach

faison7El Matador is a spot dear to us. It’s a different kind of beach. There are all these rocks, which makes it very original. At one point there weren’t that many people, but of course now there are lots of people. I used to go there 20 years ago and it wasn’t as popular as it is now. And actually, there was a nude area! I don’t think it exists anymore, but that was quite fun.

Photographs courtesy (in order): (1) Jason L.; (2) Lake Photography; (3) E.;(4); (5) Delmundo Photography; (6) R.; (7) P.; (8) Tess Kessler; (9) W.