My LA to Z: Rip Taylor

See where the outrageous comedian hangs out when he’s not rehearsing


Rip Taylor has been muggin’ and gigglin’ on game shows, sitcoms, and in live theater for decades. The comedian with the handlebar moustache and removable hair is equally comfortable on Broadway and Johnny Knoxville’s Jackass. His one-man show “It Ain’t All Confetti” is playing at the El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood through May 30th. “People are gonna be shocked” says the funnyman. “I can walk, chew gum and do comedy.”


Whisky A Go Go

I live legally in Las Vegas if you’re from the IRS, but I have a pied-à-terre four buildings above the Whisky A Go Go and you can’t hear a sound. The cops are on the corner saying shhh to the kids. Inside it’s a little loud but so am I. Of course I’ve been to see shows there. I’m not dead.

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Paty’s Restaurant

In the valley I eat every other day at Paty’s Restaurant on Riverside Drive. George Lopez lives down the street and Jo Anne Worley is around the corner and all the stars live around that area. My dentist is across the street.

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Hamburger Hamlet

Every Friday night is the maid’s night off and all the stars come down from Trousdale and go to Hamburger Hamlet. Last time I was there I saw Sid Caesar and Joan Collins. Lots of stars live at Sierra Towers, which is real close. It’s like the last of what Old Hollywood used to be. It has that Chasen family ambience with the big red leather chairs. 

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Jean Philippe Benaim Salon

I get my hairpieces cleaned and colored at Jean Philippe Benaim Salon. It’s on the mezzanine of the French Market. I go to Kay, she’s great. They have all the blue haired ladies and men with wigs and I sneak in and nobody knows.





Nick’s Coffee Shop

Nick’s Coffee Shop on Pico is a great place. There are lots of pictures of the old stars back from when they used to film things in restaurants, but now all the semi-names go there. They have a long counter and booths and they have the thinnest bacon in the world, so I get a double order.



Kate Mantilini

I used to go to Kate Mantilini but it got a little ex-pen-sivo.  For one pork chop it’s forty dollars and I can cook one in my own kitchen.  But I don’t cook. Waah!

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Every other day in West Hollywood I eat at the International House of Pancakes, the one across from Barney’s Beanery, because the food is just so consistent.

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Mr. Chow

I like Mr. Chow, but it’s a little crowded. You sit at these big group tables and I don’t go there to meet new people. It’s all about being seen coming in and out.

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