My LA to Z: Rebecca Minkoff

The designer took a moment from working on her upcoming apparel line to reveal where she gets her inspiration and the dinner dish she refuses to share

Rebecca Minkoff

Chances are, you’ve seen Rebecca Minkoff’s work. The fashion designer, who lives in Los Feliz, has been designing ‘It’ bags since breaking into the handbag biz in 2005. 

1 Rose Bowl Flea Market 

Rose Bowl Flea Market

I go to the Rose Bowl Flea Market for inspiration. I love it. I go and look at the bags and the clothes, even the furniture. And the prices are great. I haven’t found anywhere that has better prices.

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I think they have an amazing, really well-edited assortment of Alexander Wang, Opening Ceremony, and Rag & Bone. I have a few Alexander Wang T-shirts that I got there that I never stop wearing and this really beautiful wool sweatshirt with zippers.

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3 Beckley 


Beckley has a great lingerie selection and some great jewelry, too. It’s a good mix of stuff. I stop in about once a month.

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Little Dom's 


Little Dom’s

I love Little Dom’s for dinner! They have the most amazing grilled artichokes. I’m usually a sharer, but when it comes to the artichoke I have to have my own. I had my birthday party there, and on the rare occasion that I go on a date with my fiancé, it’s nice. It’s intimate.

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They have—and I’ve never seen them anywhere else—chips that you can get crispy or soft that are in between a tortilla and a chip. You have to try it. They’re really good. And the beef and pickle tacos are amazing.

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6Chateau Marmont

Chateau Marmont

I love the Chateau. I love the outside patio for drinks. It’s so beautiful and it never gets old to me. Right around sunset is the best time to go.

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7Griffith Park

Griffith Park

I love to go on hikes in Griffith Park. I go on the weekends, usually with my brother. On a good day you can see all the way to the ocean, which is nice.

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8Coffee Bean

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

This is where I get my morning coffee, basically every morning. These days I get a soy latte because I’m trying hard to not eat dairy. My business partner can be counted on to be there, too. He and his friends are always sitting outside.

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9Hollywood Farmers' Market

The Hollywood Farmers’ Market

The farmers’ market on Sunset isn’t overwhelming. They have a great selection of baked goods and vegetables. The blueberry muffins are the best.

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