My LA to Z: Rachel Bloom

The L.A. native and YouTube sensation, whose new show <em>Crazy Ex-Girlfriend</em> premieres October 12 on the CW, talks old school arcade games, buttery pancakes, and her Disneyland obsession

Bowery Bungalow

faison2My husband and I are kind of firmly Eastsiders. We like to go to this new-ish Middle Eastern restaurant called Bowery Bugalow. They have this brunch that’s amazing: you get a Mediterranean platter—feta, hummus, babaganoush. I want to say that it’s like $20 for two, and it’s so much food. It’s awesome.

Lake Hollywood Park

faison2L.A.’s such a dog city. It’s a beautiful park where you can come with dogs or have a picnic. It’s right under the Hollywood sign. We used to live up there and go all the time, especially when I was kind of unemployed. You meet a lot of out of work actors. One time I met a woman up there with her dog and she was an energy healer. She said that her dog would sit on people’s chakras to heal them. It’s the perfect microcosm of crazy L.A. people.

Griffith Observatory

faison2A lot of people say this, but Griffith Observatory is so wonderful. My husband and I took wedding pictures outside of it. It’s very special to us. We’re both idiots that love science. I just love that it’s a free science museum where you can take kids and it explains the basics of how the universe works; how different light waves work; how sound waves works. And the view is unbelievable.

Upright Citizens Theatre

faison4It’s the place where I studied, and it’s also the place where all my friends are. All the restaurants around there—like La Poubelle and Franklin & Company—that’s where I spend a lot of my time, even if I’m not going to a show. Chances are many of my friends will be around there, so I just like being in that area.

Echo Park Lake

faison5It’s so beautiful, and I love that L.A. is starting to embrace shared public spaces more. That’s what I’ve probably missed the most about New York and the East Coast. But L.A. is so beautiful and has the potential to be a great place for walking.


faison7I’m a huge Disneyland fanatic. I grew up having a year-long pass to Disney. The Indiana Jones ride: Any time I’m on it is the single happiest moment of my life. I remember being there as a kid, and when I was waiting in line, I’d picture myself as Indiana Jones exploring the caves or as Alice in Wonderland riding the teapots. These are the things an only child thinks of because they don’t have siblings. It was a great place to go and let my imagination run wild. I’m ironic about a lot of things and I can be sardonic about Disney, but my joy when I’m there is purely childlike. Everyone gives me shit for it and I don’t care.

Uncle Bill’s Pancake House

faison7I worked at this place in high school. It was my first job, and I still think it’s the best brunch ever. It’s so hearty. Everything is filled with butter. That was back when I was earning money to pay for voice lessons for my college auditions and just eating pancakes and French toast all day and not gaining a pound because I was 17 and lucky.

The Redondo Fun Factory

faison7I remember going there as a kid. Everything at the beach towns has sort of changed. It’s gotten so fancy. But at the Redondo Beach pier, it’s the same arcade games from the early ’90s. It’s the exact same Tilt-a-Whirl that I remember being afraid of. They haven’t updated it. The closest thing I found to an update is that in one of the claw-grabby machines, there was maybe an Angry Birds stuffed animal. But short of that, it’s like going back in time to 1993.

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