My LA to Z: Patti Stanger

On the new season of The Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo, Patti Stanger gives wealthy locals dating advice—and a piece of her mind. Off camera, the newly single reality star and twitter fiend grabs sushi in Marina del Rey



Cliff’s Edge

I’m a big fan. It’s really romantic and off the beaten path and they have a great wine list. I discovered it about three years ago for [my ex’s] birthday. We had done the Jeoffreys and the Il Cielos and were looking for something new. 

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Saddle Peak Lodge

It was a bordello, did you know that? I love venison, so anything with venison on the menu gets me. I like gamey kind of meat and anything with a truffle. And I love the fact that they still do the pairing with wine. It’s a nice place to go in the winter.

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Lilly’s French Café & Bar

Lilly’s is my favorite date spot. It’s got a garden in the back and they have full on earthy dishes but with big portions. I love all of their steaks and they have great salads. It’s not a noisy new, happening place—s it’s romantic. And their crème brulee is great. 

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Sauce on Hampton

It’s a great hangout. They have healthy dishes and I’m gluten-free. I get the goat cheese and tomato omelet. They give you cookies after you’ve had your meal, but I don’t eat them. Everyone tells me they are amazing.

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Sur la Table

I read The Joy of Cooking under the sheets when I was little, and now I read everything I can get my hands on about cooking. Sur La Table is like a bookstore to me. I drop in probably once a month. I want a smoothie blender next.

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Happy Feet

It’s my favorite place to hang on a budget. I don’t even know if I should tell you about it, but the owners are sweet as sugar, there’s a waterfall in the middle, they massage your neck and back and feet and it costs 30 bucks for 90 minutes. It’s phenomenal. Fromin’s is next door so you can go and have some deli.

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Paradise Cove

It reminds me of someone I loved and also of Miami. There’s this moment when I cry every so often when I go there. I’ll eat at the cafe and then walk near the water.

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The Beachcomber Cafe

I never thought you could sit on the pier and eat dinner, but I did it a few weeks ago with friends and it was the most fabulous experience. We were a bunch of single people and everyone was flirting. It was really fun.

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Whenever you see a dress or a top in a magazine, they always get it. I just picked up a multicolored sheer skirt from Rag n Bone. I’m obsessed with shoes. When I see a pair of shoes, I have to have them. Sometimes I squeeze into a pair that’s too small.

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Kaya Sushi

Nobody holds a candle to it. My favorite roll is the mango, lobster, and avocado roll in rice paper with peanut sauce. It’s off the chain. They’re known for their spicy tuna and crispy rice and they play rock ‘n roll music.

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