My LA to Z: Patti LuPone

We asked Broadway’s reigning diva, who has a new memoir coming out this fall, what she likes to do in L.A.

Photograph courtesy Brigitte Lacombe

Clear the decks! Patti LuPone will be filling Walt Disney Concert Hall on May 15 with a voice that has carried EvitaAnything GoesLes Miserables, and Gypsy. In the solo show Matters of the Heart, La LuPone will cover songwriters as diverse as Stephen Sondheim, Brian Wilson, and Cyndi Lauper. 


La Brea Tar Pits

They bubble. Who knew? The idea of it—that it was some big old ranch and that some guy stumbled upon it—is fascinating to me. So this is what L.A. looked like before it became a city. When I was living here shooting Life Goes On, my son was young, and his fascination with the tar pits was boundless.   

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Runyon and Fryman canyons

You’re in the city but immediately in the country. I live in the country in Connecticut—the Appalachian trail is right behind us. In Los Angeles, it’s so easy to find the country in the city. 

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Cecconi’s and Madeo

If it’s a good Italian restaurant it doesn’t matter where it is located. I’ve found the food at both of these places to be clean and delicious. I’m Sicilian, I know what I like.

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It’s great fun. We don’t have theaters like that in New York.

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My friend Rich Campbell took me there. Beautiful décor, great wine, great service. I loved it.  

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The Warner Bros Studio Lot

The grandeur, the history, the magic! When I’m at work, I remain a tourist and a fan. The interiors of Casablanca were shot on stage 20. Now they have plaques to commemorate what was shot where. The very first time I walked into a dressing room at Western Costume—I don’t think that’s here anymore—and stood on the pouf, in front of those mirrors: Oh, my God! Our history is pretty much based on our movies. I did Ugly Betty at Raleigh. I was just working on the CBS Radford lot. We were in the Seinfeld space. I was bemoaning the fact to the set decorators that they don’t put plaques up to let you know what was shot there.

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Zuma Beach

I love to go to the ocean and just look at it. If there’s time it’s Zuma. Just sitting there, I feel like I’m really out of the city.

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La Loggia

I always end up at La Loggia, a wonderful Italian restaurant on Ventura in Studio City. It’s the place that we first went to when I was doing Life Goes On, and we’ve been going there ever since. Kellie Martin, who played my daughter on the show, always meets me there.

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House Hunting

I like staying with friends. When I was here doing Mahagonny at the Opera two years ago, I stayed at Oakwood. I couldn’t figure out how these Entourage wannabes could afford these apartments. Instead my friends and I like to pretend we’re buying a house. We visit Malibu, Malibu Colony, Broad Beach. I love seeing inside these houses. We once went to a house that belonged to an old comedy writer. He named it Villa Delphia. Don’t you love that?

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