My LA to Z: Oscar Nunez

The actor and comedian currently starring as Oscar Martinez on The Office told us where to find him—that is, when he isn’t taking his water-loving dog, a rescue named Gus, for a swim at the in-laws



One of our favorite places is Pace. I discovered it a couple of years ago but my wife and I started going and we became good friends with one of the managers there, so we feel special when we go there now. They’re known for their salmon on a cedar plank, but I’ve found their specials are wonderful. I hope people don’t go there on my say so, though, because it’s already too popular.

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The Groundlings

I was in The Groundlings back in ’98, and I go there to catch comedy or to perform improv once in a while. I do get nervous if I haven’t done it in a while, but I love it. I remember watching Will Ferrell there and I remember watching Kathy Griffin there once. She was so, so funny.

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There’s one at the Farmers Market and we have one with a more expensive menu at the top of Laurel Canyon. The fish is great and they make really good guacamole. It’s just an easy place to drop in on when you want really good Mexican food.

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Balboa Park

I’m trying to get into cycling. Just to get into shape I’m doing twenty miles around the lake. My father-in-law wants me to join him and his buddies mountain biking, but I’m not good enough yet. My cousin is also into it big time, and I am trying to get excited about it. I do like the clothes. I like the little uniforms we wear.

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Douglas Fir

I love shopping, I’m afraid to say. I like to look at the shirts and the slacks. The owner, John, is English, and I love all things English. They have my favorite Hartford shirts and just neat stuff.




I  used to go to Kiwami almost every single day. Am I concerned about mercury poisoning? No. The concern now is radiation from the nuclear power plant that is still leaking in Japan. I am probably going to go by again sooner than later, because it is quite a restaurant. I know you can get sushi anywhere in L.A., but that’s where I like to go.

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Pizza Fusion

We went there when it opened up and we love pizza, so we drop in once in a while. I’m kind of off pizza because I’m on a diet and not supposed to have anything that I love, but when I do have pizza I’m a traditionalist, so just cheese and sometimes pepperonni.

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I like to go to stores when I can as opposed to buying online, because I like to shop at small businesses. I just finished reading 1000 Autumns of Jacob de Zoet, the Stephen King novel 11/22/63—it was awesome—and a book by Michael Crichton. I’m hearing Keith Richards’ autobiography on tape while I’m driving around. It’s voiced by Johnny Depp.

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