My LA to Z: Olivia Munn

The actress, who currently stars on HBO’s <em>The Newsroom</em>, appears alongside Eric Bana in the upcoming horror film <em>Deliver Us from Evil</em> (out July 2). Here she talks rare vintage finds, word-of-mouth skincare, and the best banana pudding in L.A.
1 Sixty Bev Hills 

SIXTY Beverly Hills Hotel

It’s got this awesome rooftop pool with a private cabana to lie out in. It has a really nice vibe, especially right now when it’s getting so hot in L.A. It’s perfect for getting fresh cocktails and getting away with your girlfriends.

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Joans on Third


Joan’s on Third

It’s a market and deli, and I’ve been kind of obsessed with their trio plate with these three cold salads: egg salad, asparagus salad, and chicken salad.

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Shareen Vintage


Shareen Vintage

She has amazing clothes. When you go there, be sure to block out at least four hours, because it’s a warehouse full of vintage finds and pieces you wouldn’t normally be able to get anywhere else. She also makes her own designs from vintage fabrics.

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4 Sunbeam Vintage 

Sunbeam Vintage

It’s got really great, unique, beautiful pieces of furniture, and the prices are amazing. They mix in newer and older items, and if you know what you’re looking for, you can find the perfect piece. I’ve got this dresser that’s from the 1950s and a big bar in my TV room that’s from the 1970s. One of my favorite chairs is from the ’60s. It’s so beautiful and in such great shape. Word to the wise: Do your research on an item you’re eyeing. Just because a store says it’s a vintage Victorian piece, sometimes it can just be a new piece that looks old.

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5 Alcove Cafe and Bakery 

Alcove Café & Bakery

It’s always super busy, but they keep the lines going really quickly. I go there for breakfast or lunch and they have really fresh ingredients. I’m the kind of person that likes having a lot of food on my plate, and Alcove is very generous. As you wait in line to order, you can see the cakes they bake lined up in a glass case. Every slice could feed one whole family. When I get a group of girlfriends together, we share a slice.

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6 Magnolia Bakery 

Magnolia Bakery

We shot a scene there for The Newsroom. They have this banana pudding that is apparently their best seller and is now the death of me. It’s the only thing I can think about. One time while we were shooting, I had three cups of it. Magnolia is my favorite place in all of L.A.

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7 Nobu Matsuhisa 

Nobu Matsuhisa

Their yellowtail sashimi with jalapeño, the lobster lettuce cups, and their Kobe beef tacos are amazing. And they make the best lychee martinis—they’re amazing and they always throw in extras lychees for you.

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8 Empty Vase 

Empty Vase

It’s my favorite flower shop. They actually have the Empty Vase online, so whenever I buy flowers for friends or for myself at home I go online to order. You can see all of their arrangements, which are so beautiful. You can pick the arrangement online and it is delivered exactly how it looked on their site.

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9 Mitsuwa Marketplace 

Mitsuwa Marketplace

It’s a Japanese grocery store. It’s amazing; I mean, you can get everything—specialty foods and things like that. I get special Japanese potatoes and sweet potatoes, and I have them delivered.

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10 Cristina Radu 

Cristina Radu European Skincare

She’s in Beverly Hills. She’s hard to get into—you have to be recommended by somebody. She’s very secretive. I’ve been seeing her for years and I’m still not sure of what exactly she’s doing. She does a microdermabrasion that exfoliates and takes out wrinkles. That’s definitely what you want to be doing to keep the collagen reproduction happening. Whenever she does oxygen facials I can really see a difference. She puts a serum on your face and the oxygen stuff forces it into your skin—or something like that!

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11 Laemmle Theatres 

Laemmle Theaters

You can always find a really cool independent movie or amazing documentaries. It was a while ago, but I saw Crazy Love there. It’s a really great documentary about a man who threw acid on his girlfriend’s face after they broke up. It’s intense, but it’s definitely interesting.

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12 Montage Hotel 

Montage Hotel

I go there for haircuts and blowouts. The salon is so cozy and private. Mika Fowler cuts my hair and gives the best blowouts—if you can book her.

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