My LA to Z: Nyjah Huston

The 18-year-old skateboarding prodigy, who’s nominated for Best Male Action Sports Athlete at this year’s ESPYs (find a link to vote below), grinds out a list of his top spots in town. Read on to see where this X Games gold medalist goes to practice his tricks, get freshly inked, and soup up his car

The Berrics

It’s a really famous indoor skate park made specifically for professional and amateur skateboarders where they film videos and stuff like that. It’s members only, and I was probably about 14 or so when I was invited, and now I go five or ten times a month. It’s literally the best skate park in the world. Big name people like Paul Rodriguez and Chris Cole that go there all the time.

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Hollywood High School

This is one of the most famous skate spots in the world. Every single kid out there who knows about skating knows about it, and what makes it cool is that it was one of the first skate spots to have big handrails: they have a twelve-stair and a 16-stair handrail. I went there for the first time when I was nine and I did a Feeble Grind down the big handrail, and that was a really important moment of my career. A photo of the trick I did ended up in Thrasher magazine.

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Diamond Supply Co.

They’re one of my favorite sponsors. They make really good clothes, and that whole area on Fairfax is really cool, right by The Hundreds and Primitive Skate Shop. There are always famous people walking into the Diamond store. It’s a good time.

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I’ve taken my Mercedes-Benz and my Audi R8 to this car shop a couple of times. I’m a big car person, so I’m interested in fixing them up. They do all sorts of stuff, from wheels to paintwork. One of my favorite things is my exhaust system on my Audi. Definitely on the louder side of things. That’s the one thing about L.A. that is kind of hard—I always end up driving more than skating, but as long as you’re in a cool car, it’s no big deal.

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It’s a pizza place that’s really close to The Barrics, and it was opened by a pretty legendary skateboarder named Salman Agah. He wanted to have a place where all the skaters could go eat, and the food there is awesome—everything from the cheese pizza to their pasta.

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Stoner Plaza Skate Park

This outdoor skate park is cool because you don’t have to wear pads or helmets or anything. It’s also really well-designed—the obstacles, good rails, good ledges—whoever designed it just made everything using really good dimensions, and all that small stuff really makes a difference.

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Sunset Strip Tattoo

The person who tattooed me there is named Paul Timman. He’s done awesome work—I’ve gotten a couple things done there and definitely plan to go back in the future. My favorite is probably this new one I just got a few nights ago, a really cool eagle on my arm. It was kind of random, but it turned out great.

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Venice Beach Skate Park

It’s right on the beach and has such a good vibe compared to any other skate park I go to. There’s always a bunch of people, it’s really well designed—I try to go at least once a month or so. The kids there recognize me there quite a bit, and I can be a little bit of a showoff for them sometimes!

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Runyon Canyon

I love the scenery. It’s so awesome that there’s a place like that around L.A., because when people think of L.A. they think of a big city and cars and traffic. Hiking is really good exercise for skaters, too, because when you’re doing a one-minute [skate] run, your legs can get really tired. It’s a good way to build stamina.

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