My LA to Z: Natasha Leggero

The host of Last Comic Standing tells us which cemetery she roams, where she likes to watch strippers—that sort of thing


Natasha Leggero is a judge on NBC’s Last Comic Standing, but you may have also spotted the 32-year-old comedienne on Reno 911 or Chelsea Lately


Vista Theatre

The Vista Theatre is really beautiful and it’s right by my house. It’s an old movie theater and they’ve taken every other row out so there’s a lot of room. It’s always fun to see comedies with a packed crowd so you can see how audiences are responding. I like to pair that with, well, my boyfriend goes to the dispensary and gets that medical lemonade. Between my house and the Vista there are six marijuana dispensaries.


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Hollywood Cemetary


Hollywood Forever Cemetery  

I like to wander in and just kind of walk around. As a fluke, [comedian] Duncan Trussell and I went into the Hollywood Forever Cemetery a year ago and met the owner. Since then, we’ve been doing a standup show called “Comedy is Dead” there in the restored Masonic Lodge. When I first met Duncan he told me he always wanted to do a comedy show in a graveyard because comedians are so afraid of death.


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Jumbo’s Clown Room

It’s where all the strippers who can’t get jobs anywhere else go to get a job. It’s kind of a freak show. When you live in L.A. long enough, one night you’ll end up in Jumbo’s Clown Room as a joke. They start with a comedy show, which is very weird. I’ve always had an affinity for strippers because I feel like female comedians are just smarter, less molested versions of strippers. I get what they’re doing.


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Dear Creatures

I usually buy online, but they’re a local company. A lot of cotton, a lot of mod ‘60s-type dresses. Whenever you see me I’m probably wearing their clothes.


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For fast food, I eat exclusively In-N-Out. I try to limit myself to three times a week. #2, no onion, fries well. The fries are the least impressive thing about In-N-Out, but you can order them well and they’ll cook them longer and they’ll taste really good.


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Nuch Massage

It’s right across from Jumbo’s Clown Room. You can get this amazing $40 Thai massage. The girls there are really talented, but no happy ending, boys! So don’t ask.


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Vermont Canyon Tennis Courts

I just started playing tennis. It’s really invigorating. I hate just going to the gym, running on a treadmill to techno and staring at myself in the mirror. I’d rather be in nature.


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Two Bunch Palms

When I really want to relax, I gotta get out of L.A. Two Bunch Palms is this amazing spa that Al Capone used to own. You go there and you just kinda float in the hot spring for a couple days. They have, like, tours of Al Capone’s caves, which is kind of ironic because the last thing you want to think about when you’re relaxing is someone who was a mobster.


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Alias Books East

An amazing new bookstore. All the books are well taken care of and almost art pieces. It’s a great place for gifts. I went in there and I wanted to buy every book. I bought a biography of Tallulah Bankhead and they have these books with interviews with Woody Allen, a lot of ‘60s arts books, Fellini’s diaries—really interesting books for not a lot of money.


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Cliff’s Edge

It’s in Silver Lake. You can sit outside, it’s kind of woodsy, you kind of get out of the smog for a minute. It has like a Moroccan edge to it. The duck is really good, and so is the tuna tartar. All I know is it’s expensive. I go with other people who are paying, so, men.


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