My LA to Z: Molly Shannon

When the former <em>SNL</em> star is not encountering zombies in the new romantic horror film <em>Life After Beth</em> (out August 15), she visits her top L.A. spots for cheese and baguettes, acupuncture treatments, and top notch beauty supplies
1 Quintessential Healing, Inc.
I’m really into health and wellness, and Ann Boroch knows so much about everything. She can tell you about sugar and gluten and wheat and overuse of antibiotics. She’s writing a book and creating her own line of vitamins and red clover tea. Map | More info

Traditional Chinese Medicine Healing Center
I mix the Chinese philosophy with Western medical healing. For general health and well being, I’m really kind of a die-hard acupuncture person. It puts you in the deepest state of relaxation. If I’m getting a cold or the flu I go straight there. She’ll give you the tea, put points in your neck, and I feel better in two days.Map | More info

Larchmont Village Wine & Cheese
I love the Larchmont Wine and Cheese Shop. I think they have the best sandwiches, tuna or ham or cheese on the freshest baguettes. People stand in line for these sandwiches! Plus, there’s a wine shop next door. It’s one of my favorite places in L.A.Map | More info
4 Landis’ Labyrinth Toy Shop
Landis’ Labyrinth is a great old-fashioned neighborhood toy store. They have LEGOs and slippers and jewelry. They also have Magic 8 Balls and pranks and gags and silly stuff.Map | More info
5 Annenberg Community Beach House
Marion Davies was William Randolph Hearst’s mistress, and I like swimming in a mistress’s pool. It has a really deep end—deeper than they make pools now. I go with friends and their kids and sometimes we bring a little picnic and have a nice dinner on the beach after.Map | More info
6 Cristina Radu European SkincareI love skincare, and Cristina Radu is a fabulous esthetician. She does beautiful facials, she does extractions, and she puts a mask on you. I don’t know exactly what’s in it, I just know she’s the best in town.Map | More info
7 Church & State
My husband and I just went to Church and State, and I felt like I was in New York City. I pretended I was somewhere in Brooklyn. We had a great dinner. The cheese platter is unbelievable and the atmosphere made me feel like I wasn’t in L.A. I had never been downtown, and there was this cute coffee place and so many dogs!Map | More info
8 Osteria Mamma
I recommend Osteria Mamma to everyone. It has gluten free pasta and pizza and the best lasagna. I love the atmosphere; it’s really pretty and simple with beautiful wooden tables and a big window.Map | More info
9 Sanamluang Café
Sanamluang Café is in a strip mall on Hollywood Boulevard, and it’s fantastic with real, legit food from Thailand. It’s open until 4 o’clock in the morning and it’s simple and delicious. They have great chicken with peanut sauce, the service is fast, the food is good, and it’s cheap.Map | More info
10 Larchmont Beauty Center
I love Larchmont Beauty Supply. It’s run by a wonderful family and they have everything. The best sunscreens and makeup and lotions and hot irons and candles. They have everything. It’s really nice and they’ve been running it for years. It’s great for gifts.Map | More info
11 Huntington Gardens
The Huntington Gardens are such a great place. I take my kids there with their friends and we have lunch in the Japanese tea garden. I have a fantasy of just sitting there writing. It’s a great excuse to drive around that neighborhood—it’s so swanky. Map | More info
12 OP Café
I feel like I’m on vacation at the OP Café in Santa Monica. It’s a beachside coffee shop, and the chicken apple sausage is delicious. I always get the same thing. I’m a creature of habit. Map | More info
13 Arturo’s Shoe Fixx
I take all my purses and shoes to Arturo’s Shoe Fixx in Beverly Hills. It’s a family business, and it’s been there a long time. If you have a gorgeous purse or spent a lot of money on shoes they will make them look new again. They’re the best in the biz. It’s cash only, so I walked in there like, “I got a lotta cash and I’m ready!” You’ve got to go in with a wad of cash. They’re nice, and they call me Shannon. Map | More info
14 Mrs. Winston’s Green Grocery
Mrs. Winston’s has such a fabulous salad bar, it’s the best in town. Rosie makes world-class smoothies with flax oil. They have all kinds of magical drinks. On Fridays you get to guess the price of your salad. “I think it’s $7.19,” and they’re like, “We have a winner!” Map | More info

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