My LA to Z: Mike Epps

The star of <em>Meet the Blacks</em> (out April 1) talks old school skate nights, scenic hikes, and tilapia so good it “makes you want to slap somebody”

Runyon Canyon

rh1I go real, real early in the morning because the weather is so good. It’s just the whole vision of it—the scenery and the energy is great.

Moonshadows Malibu

faison2The food is really good and the scenery is great. While you’re sitting there eating you can see the whole ocean. I love their tilapia. They have a tilapia dinner with vegetables and mashed potatoes. It’s so goddamn good, it melts in your mouth and makes you want to slap somebody.

The Lobster

faison2They serve lobster and seafood, and it’s also on the Santa Monica Pier. The food is crazy. They got the tilapia, the tilapia is crazy. They got that Maine lobster, and I love their crab legs.

Equinox Sports Club West LA

faison4They have this all out full gym that has a spa. You can get a manicure/pedicure, and they got a basketball court. They got ab classes. You can also eat in there, and they have a barber shop. It’s a city within itself. You can do everything! It’s crazy.

Simply Wholesome

faison7It’s a juice bar, but they sell Jamaican food, like jerk chicken or jerk fish, and they’re big on vitamins and organics. It’s kind of like a Whole Foods, but it’s on Slauson in the black neighborhood. They have a peach juice that I like that has apple and kale and ginger. This place right here has a mixture of everything.


faison5This sneaker place is off the chain. They get some of the fliest, most exclusive sneakers you can find. I bought some exclusive Huaraches there that I know ain’t nobody got. They’re green, like an army green—really, really cool.

Ten Goose Boxing

faison7Ricky Funez trains me. I love boxing. It’s one of the hardest, best workouts you can ever get. You sweat really, really good. They get a lot of great boxers that come through there. Mayweather comes through there. I’ve seen Cotto in there a couple of times. It’s just a great boxing atmosphere.

Old Pasadena

faison7I love the energy. I like to eat around there, to exercise, and I like the homes. I like going up in the mountains and getting a little serenity. I like going to the Rose Bowl Park. There’s so much to do there: cool shopping, good hanging out, the people are cool, great energy. It’s like being in L.A. with out being in L.A. I’m from Indiana, so when I go to Pasadena, it’s like a whole other ball game.

Northridge Skateland

faison7I go every Sunday night for the skate-off. They do the oldies but goodies. Really old school, OG-type music. They play The Isley brothers, they play Roll Bounce rock, they play good music.

Xen Lounge

faison7It’s owned by Tisha Campbell and Duane Martin. It’s a real cool family get up. I have a lot of friends there. I’ve seen Denzel Washington and a lot of cool people in that spot. They have live music. They do it big. They have a jazz night, a great bar, great music, hookah. They do it all.

Photographs courtesy (in order): (4) yelp/Jane L.; (8) yelp/Chris C.;All other photographs courtesy