My LA to Z: Meat Loaf


Born Marvin Lee Aday, the Malibu-based singer has been rocking for 46 years and isn’t slowing down. He’ll release his 11th album, Hell In A Handbasket, on March 13. When he isn’t on the road, you can catch Meat Loaf eating chicken picatta, shopping at Whole Foods, or enjoying a walk with his wife and dogs


Universal Studios Gibson Amphitheatre

I’ve been performing there as far back as 1973, when it was open air. I remember being there to see my daughter Pearl perform. She was singing background for Motley Crue back in 2000. She had on a skimpy outfit and after the show I went back to Nikki Sixx and pretended to be very angry about it. He stuttered and stammered and then everyone started laughing.

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The first place I took my eight-month-old grandson is Geoffrey’s in Malibu. Its really nice, everyone is friendly, and the service is great! Their chicken picatta is to die for, but you have to go at lunch because they don’t serve it for dinner.

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Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue

I like to go shopping at Neiman’s and Saks over on Wilshire in Beverly Hills. That’s where I go when I do my Christmas shopping for friends and family. And that’s the only time I go shopping. I like to call Neiman Marcus “Needless Mark-up.”

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Whole Foods

I love their curried chicken salad. I’ve been eating it since I first came to California. I went and just started trying things and have been eating it since then. If anybody is heading to or anywhere close to Whole Foods, I have them get me some. The two best ones that make it are in Beverly Hills and Thousand Oaks. They don’t make it the same in some of the other stores.

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Will Rogers Park

I have two West Highland Terriers with Scottish names, Angus and McKenna. My wife and I take the dogs there sometimes and just walk around. I like the Will Rogers House because it’s all on one level.

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Mulberry Street Pizza

If anybody comes from out of town and wants to go to Beverly Hills, I say “want lunch?” and then take them here for pizza. It’s cheap and my friend Cathy Moriarty, who I was in Crazy In Alabama with, owns it. She’s there sometimes.

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Guitar Center on Sunset

There’s only one place to go for musical equipment: Guitar Center. I wind up at the one on Sunset a lot, but they’re all over. I don’t care what you want, they’ve got it. Anything from mixing consoles to really good microphones to all the protools software… everything. It’s like a hardware store—and I love hardware stores. I can go and spend hours there and buy nothing but think that I need everything.

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Osteria Mozza

My son-in-law, Scotty, who is the guitar player for Anthrax, took me here first and now I go all the time. It’s really good and I love Italian. When I take people out for dinner we go there.

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