My LA to Z: Marty Krofft

The TV show creator takes us to Burt Reynolds’s secret gym under a stage and to his favorite fine-dining restaurant at the Peninsula Hotel


Marty Krofft (right) with his brother, Sid, on the set of Land of the Lost

Sid and Marty Krofft created some of the most kaleidoscopic kids’ TV shows in history: H.R. Pufnstuf, Lidsville, and Land of the Lost, which is currently the subject of a Will Ferrell remake.

The Peninsula Hotel

My number one favorite places are The Belvedere and The Roof Garden at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills. The garden is an incredible spot to have lunch. It’s outdoors and really great. The guy who is the boss over there is Alvero, I’ll let him know you’re coming.

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BLT Steak

Oh, this is all good. It’s got a great look, it’s friendly, it’s a fun place, and the people there are interesting. The seafood is great and it’s presented great. It’s BLT, like bacon, lettuce and tomato on toast with mayonnaise.

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The Hotel Café 

I love The Hotel Café in Hollywood. That’s the place where, if I have a band I want a record company to hear, I take them there. They have some food and a great atmosphere. It’s a bar and a club and there’s music all the time. It’s in an alleyway off Cahuenga. That whole area is coming back.

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Staples Center

Being from Montreal I like to go watch hockey. My lawyer has seats right against the glass at Staples Center. Having the players smash right in front of us and break the glass is really exciting.

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Jerry’s Famous Deli in Encino

Normally I hate Jerry’s Deli but there’s one in Encino and there’s this girl Stephanie who’s been there 18 years. I go back to the same places, I don’t want a hassle when I have my dinner. If I want a hassle, I’ll stay home.

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Bistro Garden

[The owner of] Bistro Garden is the owner of the original Bistro on Canon, and there is a Bistro Garden where Puck’s restaurant used to be—what was it, Spago? The wife created this chocolate soufflé thing they sell down at Gelson’s.

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CBS Studio Center

I work out at CBS Radford. When Burt Reynolds was filming Evening Shade on the lot he built a gym there under the soundstage. We pay $12 a month and it’s got all the latest equipment.

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I love the chef there and the place has great food and great atmosphere. It’s a little bit of Italy, like Naples. They have this great eggplant appetizer that looks like a pizza. Forget about it… how great it is.

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Santa Monica

I love to go to Santa Monica beach and take long walks on the bike path. I used to run but then the knees… Now the walking’s just as good.

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Mulholland Grill

It’s at the top of Beverly Glen right next door to Herb Alpert’s place. It’s just got great food and friendly service.

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Geoffrey’s Malibu

Geoffrey’s is a great one. It’s above the water in Malibu. The beach houses are right below a bit and you’re up above them and they have everything from tuna tartare to steaks. It’s just a great atmosphere.

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