My LA To Z: Lauren Conrad

The author, fashion designer, and native Californian (who recently helped launch Malibu’s newest summer spirit, Malibu Island Spiced) gives us her expert opinion on SoCal sushi, picturesque hikes, and local farmers markets


I love sushi, and Sugarfish is nice because the quality of fish there is so good. I feel like it’s a little healthier than other sushi places. I also like the atmosphere in there—some of the trendier places get so loud! I usually order the “Trust Me/Lite” menu. The regular “Trust Me” is a little too much food. It’s nice, authentic, good sushi.

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Bleu Clothing

Bleu is one of my favorite boutiques in L.A., and I’ve been shopping there for years. They also carry my clothing line, Paper Crown, which is always an added bonus!

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The Brentwood Farmers Market

I like being able to go and buy locally grown food, and the Brentwood Farmers Market has a lot of organic options. It’s also nice to be outside and support locally grown products. I usually go and put together a menu for the week: produce, sauces, really good pesto. When I cook, I tend to make things up as I go along—it’s how my dad used to cook, and it works for me.

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Their squash blossoms are amazing, and they have wonderful cocktails. Eveleigh is perfect for a date night or dinner with the girls.

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My Kitchen

I’m just about to move and my new place is down to the studs, so my new kitchen I will love. It’ll be all white; I just love a clean, white, beautiful kitchen. I have this incredible stove; it’s La Cornue and I’m so excited for it. They actually have a floral stove and I was so close to getting it, but I went with cream.


The Beach

I spend a lot of time there in the summer and I have such fond memories growing up on the beach. It’s the best place to go if you need to relax or unwind.


Barneys New York

Barneys has got it all, especially if you’re doing last minute shopping. They have a great shoe department, and it’s in a pretty central location. They also have a nice restaurant up top called Barney Greengrass. They have an apple and beet salad that I like.

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My Backyard

This is the backyard in a house that I go to a lot on weekends. It’s my little escape. We do Bar-B-Ques and pool parties and entertain. I decorated it, too—my father is an architect and we’ve done some projects together, which is great. We always have a make-your-own-drinks station where we serve Malibu, and people love that.


Paseo Miramar Hike

A girlfriend of mine used to do this hike a lot, so I went with her the first time. It’s really beautiful; you get a really pretty ocean view. I go at least once a week when I’m in town.

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