My LA to Z: Larry Morgan

The 100.3 The Sound DJ shares some of his favorite L.A. spots.

DJ Larry Morgan’s voice is familiar to those who tune in to 100.3 The Sound for his regular “10 at 10” weekday mornings, but few know that when he’s not spinning vinyl the USC film school alum and current Valley resident enjoys art-house flicks, concerts at the Greek, and the occasional double chili-cheeseburger.


Tommy’s Burgers

Going there was one of my favorite college traditions, one that I still share with my son even though he goes to Boston University. When I was at USC, I would go late at night and get a double chili cheeseburger then go home and try to finish one of my film criticism papers. These days going there usually involves some sort of nap afterwards. 

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The Little Door

My wife and I recently experienced The Little Door, and I think we really picked a winner. A regular hang out that we also love is The Little Next Door. It’s a great combination of excellent food and a unique atmosphere, and it is not stuffy at all. 

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The Greek Theatre

L.A. has so many great music venues but this is undoubtedly my favorite. I’m less inclined to go to large stadium shows these days and the intimacy here cannot be beat. I’ve seen everybody from Lyle Lovitt to Crowded House to the White Stripes here. 

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NuArt Theatre

I’m a big time moviegoer and I spend a lot of my time at the great revival theater houses. In school I would disappear and go watch the double bill for the day, which would always be some odd combination like Merlin and The Duelist. Between my Netflix, the Arclight, and arthouse theaters like the NuArt, I spend alot of time catching up on movies. 

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Zuma Beach

I live in the West Valley so it’s a quick drive through the canyon, and you pop out at this gorgeous, undisturbed beach. It’s place where you can lay around for a few hours or hike along the coast and see very few people.

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The Getty Center

Not only does is there is a great collection of art here, but the Getty has some of the best views of the city that you’ll find as well. I could spend hours checking out the Rembrandts or the Flemish painters that play with light and shadow. It’s really a place to just get lost. 

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Upright Citizen’s Brigade

You can say without trepidation that the people you see here will be—or already have been—in a sitcom or a movie. Someone like Robin Williams will show up as a special guest. Most shows are around $5 and you will laugh harder than you have ever laughed.

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Bourgeois Pig

I love this place. Every wannabe screenwriter in the city comes here, including me, orders a great cup of coffee, sits on the beat up couches, and types away on his laptop. It’s such a unique atmosphere and one of the secret places I go when I want to write. 

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The Original Farmers Market

If you visit one of the bars during an event like the World Cup you will see such a interesting of mix of people from across the world—some tourists, some ex-pats, and it’s really just fascinating to have a drink and people watch.

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The Huntington Botantical Gardens

The wife and I—and I don’t want to make us sound too Buddhist—but we are trying to take more time to mediate, do yoga, and enjoy nature. I think when you work in the city it can be very stressful, and it’s great to go to these beautiful spaces and relax.

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Nicola’s Kitchen

It’s one of our family’s favorites spots for take-out. Very friendly staff. The food leans Italian, but there is a terrific selection of salads and some really great garlic bread. 

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Amoeba Records

You literally could lose half of your life in this store. If there is ever an APB out for me, check Amoeba, because I just have spent so much of my time pouring over the massive collections here. 

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