My LA to Z: Kelly Wearstler

The Top Design judge tells us where she spends time, from the skateboard park her kids love to the market she visits daily


For those visiting Los Angeles, Kelly Wearstler helps define the city’s style—she has designed the Viceroy in Santa Monica, Maison 140, and the Avalon hotels. Wearstler lives in Beverly Hills herself and just released her third book, Hue.


Giorgio Baldi Ristorante

I really like Giorgio Baldi—it’s between Santa Monica and Malibu. They have a Branzino with sundried tomato and artichoke and it’s insane. We were there about a month-and-a-half ago for Brad and my anniversary.

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Golyester Antiques

She has everything from jewelry to vintage fabric and antique documents. There’s all sorts of clothing from the turn of the century to the nineties. It’s a great selection. I just got a few dresses, some yards of old fabric, and some vintage trim I’ll use as inspiration for my fabric lines.




Arcana Books on the Arts

They have amazing vintage books. I’m a major collector of vintage and out of print books—everything from photography to fashion and art and architecture.

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Maison 140

My favorite place that I’ve designed? Probably Maison 140. It was a small little building and now it’s a great place to go have a cocktail. There’s nothing like it in L.A. It’s tiny and sexy and I think it feels very Parisian. Actually, all the rooms are being redone. They’ll be done the first of the year. I drop in five or six times a year to make sure it’s looking crisp.

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Skate Lab Skatepark

We’ve been hanging out at skateboard parks a lot. The boys are pretty good. They love it. Skate Lab is indoors and it’s all wood. We go maybe two times a week. There’s a little area where people can sit but we just watch them.

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Hallworth Gallery

It just opened and I found three amazing things. I found a brass box, a light fixture, and these two chairs that are just so different. They’re going to a client’s house, not mine—I wish!




Barry’s Bootcamp

I started going about twelve years ago. It’s just hard—it’s efficient for the hour, and an incredible workout. It has very moody lighting, and at 6:30 in the morning I don’t want bright lights. There are people who come and go and then there are the people who’ve stuck with it a long time.

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Erewhon Natural Foods Market

Erewhon has this new tonic bar and these really qualified people who work there. It’s great to get the drinks and learn about different herbs. They also carry a lot of raw foods that aren’t processed. I go there every day to stay healthy.

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Images courtesy of (in order): Mark Edward Harris, (1), (3) Flickr/Marcin Wichary, (4), (5), (7), (8)