My LA to Z: Kat Von D

When she’s not filming LA Ink or working on her perfume line, the tattoo artist rocks out on Sunset Blvd., shops for that very unique something, and studies up on her favorite coffee haunt


Kat Von D is not a native Angeleno, but the tattoo artist and reality star lives like one since moving to the Hollywood Hills. 



One of my favorite places to go to is Necromance on Melrose. They have two sections in the store: one section is all animal related stuff and the other section is human related stuff. It’s anything from taxidermy to books, antiques, jewelry—just such a cool store. They have oddities there like carved out skulls and bones from Indonesia. They have an albino peacock in there that the lady will not sell, it pisses me off.

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Pinches Tacos

My favorite place to order take-out is Pinches Tacos, which means like, the F word in Spanish, so I don’t know how they got away with it. It’s right across from Chateau Marmont on Sunset. I usually order the steak burrito, and they have some kiss-ass flan.

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Steel Panther at the Key Club

I always take out-of-town visitors to the Steel Panther show at the Key Club on Monday nights. They changed their name from Metal Skool. It’s like this 80s metal rock band and they are super talented but funny as hell. They always call up celebrities if they’re in the crowd to do solos, so it’s really funny.

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I really like Intelligentsia in Silver Lake, so I did some research about them and they are really involved with their bean growing process. I guess they go to South America and visit different coffee beaneries, if that’s even what they’re even called, so they are actually a part of that creative process, which I think is cool. It’s always packed in there.

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The Waffle

My sister and I just ate at The Waffle on Sunset. It’s new and they have all kinds of crazy waffles there like pecan with maple syrup, bacon waffles, and jalapeño waffles. It was my first time eating there and I’m their newest, biggest fan. I had the pecan waffle and my sister had the blueberry lemon waffle, which she really liked.

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Forgotten Saints

There is this store called Forgotten Saints on Melrose that I like to shop at and they have weird, rock-oriented clothes. My favorite thing about it is they have hats made out of taxidermy, like a coyote skull on top of a 1940s hat. Every time I do a photo shoot I send my stylist there.

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I like Katsuya on Hollywood and Vine for special occasions. The overall vibe of the place is awesome and the food is sick. All those restaurants have a reputation for having a crazy chef that is world renown. They have a really awesome big room for private parties but we go there causally, as well. The crispy rice is the best.

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Rainbow Bar & Grill

Rainbow Bar & Grill is one of my favorite places. It’s the only place on earth that is that rock and roll. At any point you can see all your favorite rock musicians. There are always new faces too. It’s just a good local bar, nothing fancy, but it has good food and you can smoke outside.

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