My LA to Z: Julie Newmar

The actress, best known for her iconic role as Catwoman (and who recently released a self-help book titled “The Conscious Catwoman Explains Life On Earth”) fills us in on where to find the best of her hometown, from hamburgers to haute couture.

Goo Salon

I adore the salon’s owner, Molly Scargall. She looks like another version of that fabulous singer—Madonna! She’s in love with hair. When she puts her hands in your hair you don’t want to leave.

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The Museum of Contemporary Art

Jeffrey Deitch has brains, push, and talent. He and MOCA awakened the world to our brilliant West Coast artists who started out as graffiti artists. His Art In The Streets exhibition was incredible.

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Animal is so popular that it takes three weeks to get a reservation. They don’t have a sign on the front door–or anywhere–and it’s out of this world. The pork cheeks are very popular now, and it’s one of the only places in town where you can get brains.

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Willie’s Shoe Repair

Los Angeles magazine said that Willie’s Shoe Repair was the best, and they were right. They do custom shoes for films and rock stars and people who want their shoes to be extra special. The shop has the most wonderful smell – like lavender and lush leather. Every time I go in there I start to swoon and my eyes go wild.

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Catwalk Designer Vintage

One of the best vintage clothing stores in the world is Catwalk, and they named it after me, of course. People come from around the world to dress up for the Academy Awards. The clothes are beautifully chosen. They have Louis Vuitton luggage and a lot of Chanel. When you want to go out with your gold chains and dazzle them, go see Michelle and Renee and tell them that Catwoman sent you.

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Legends Barbershop

The hottest barbershop in town. I went there and almost dropped dead. It’s all the people who set the styles for what is happening in the music business. I stood there and watched them give these guys very close and tight haircuts, and when they walk out of the shop it’s a given that they’re going to get laid in the next hour.

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The Golden State

I get my hamburgers at Golden State. It’s a wonderful place. One of the owners has his paintings on the wall and everybody in the nouvelle vogue is there. I watch all this fashion history go by, the girls with the sassy bodies—oh, please!

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Mon Atelier

I have a tenant who makes beautiful clothes for the red carpet. Mon atelier means “my workshop” in French. They will take care of you and you will never have another dress like what they make. You will be the star.

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Sycamore Kitchen

You’ve got to go to Sycamore Kitchen before it gets too popular. You can sit outside under umbrellas and have the greatest sandwiches and little cookies. It’s big, open, natural, and not too hoity-toity. The people are charming and the food is out of this world. Hooray for Sycamore Kitchen!

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Viva Rebecca

Rebecca makes costumes and outfits for rock stars and she is a doll. She’s so fun and adorable. She works in plastic and does things no other dressmaker can, including swords and codpieces. Artists and artisans are my people.

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