My LA to Z: Joey Newman


Before he composed for ABC’s The Middle, Joey Newman was just a kid growing up in West L.A. Now the family man and Young Musicians Foundation supporter (he conducted his cousin Randy’s “Toy Story Suite” at their gala this year) reveals his preferred spots to rock out, calm down, and eat up


Third Street Promenade

I got my first drum set at eight years old. Then I played in a band called the Black Brothers, and we started playing the Promenade in the late ‘90s. This crowd of people would come through and circle you. We had the most fun there.

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Bar Hayama

This place has a fire pit outside. I had Korean clients in the early 2000s, and everything we did was over meals. The whole Asian concept of doing business over food is awesome.

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California Pizza Kitchen

The kids always get the same: cheese or mushroom pizza. There’s at least one waiter who has been there since I was in high school, which is incredible.

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Molly Malone’s

My dad [Joe Frank Carollo] was a musician, so about two years ago we played a private show for his 70th birthday at Molly’s. We started playing there more regularly, and it kind of became our house of residence.

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Robata Jinya

When we mix the music for The Middle, my engineer and I love to make a night out of it and go experience something as a reward. This place is like Japanese tapas. I think I was Japanese in a past life.

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The Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine

It’s beautifully landscaped, and there’s a gigantic pond in the middle. We go when we want to hang with the kids and be quiet.

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It’s the place to get a bunch of brews on tap. In college, my buddies would want kegs of Rolling Rock, but I was like, we’ve gotta spend five bucks and get a microbrew. I wanted the connoisseur experience.

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AMC Century City 15

For movie snacks, I’ve always been partial to Red Vines, and that’s a very west coast thing. My wife is from Boston, and she never knew about Red Vines because they do Twizzlers there.

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Sharky’s Mexican Grill

They have this thing called the naked menu where you can get a low-cal version of a regular tostada. I try to be health conscious, but their chips are like crack.

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Photographs courtesy (in order): (1) Flickr/ La Citta Vita, (2) Bar Hayama, (3) California Pizza Kitchen, (4) Party Earth, (5) Robata Jinya, (6) Flickr/ ellenm1, (7) SmithHouse, (8) Hollywood Elsewhere, (9) Flickr/ christianz1969