My LA to Z: Joe Morton

The <em>Scandal</em> star prefers cooking at home to going out, but the TV vet (we’re still not over his performance as an epileptic politician on <em>House</em>) gives us a peek into his top spots for fancy figs and seafood at sunset
1 El Floradita 

The Misfit

I’m the kind of guy who cooks at home, so “going out” means hanging out or going out to eat with friends. And when I do that, I really like The Misfit in Santa Monica. They have delicious roasted figs—it’s that kind of meal. It’s really pleasant; it has the type of atmosphere where you can sit down and talk with friends.

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Moksha Yoga


Coogie’s Cafe

I really like Coogie’s on Santa Monica Boulevard. It’s the place I go for breakfast. The herb omelet is really nice and very good.

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Abbot's Habit



Another go-to restaurant is Gladstones on PCH, a seafood restaurant on the beach. It’s mostly outdoors, and it’s surf and turf. There’s wonderful seafood,  lovely wine, and great drinks. It’s a great spot to go and bask in the sun, and if you hit it at just the right time, you can catch the sunset.

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4 Hal's 

The Getty Museum

Whenever I get a chance, I always go to the Getty Museum. It’s so beautiful up there. I like wandering around the landscape; it’s so peaceful and quiet. The exhibits change a lot, so I enjoy the atmosphere rather than any one exhibit. I’ve also heard the Villa is really nice, but I haven’t been there yet.

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5 Cafe Gratitude 

Book Soup

I just was there. My friend’s wife was having a baby, so I went there to buy some classic children’s books. They have a great selection. I know one of the guys behind the counter. His dad runs a theatre and he’ll let you know what’s going on there, too.

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6 901 Salon 

Black Women in Music

I was in L.A. for the Essence’s Celebration of Black Women in Music in a venue on Sunset, and I had a wonderful time. I got to watch Emeli Sandé perform, and it was fantastic. I don’t think too many people know her, but I think they will soon.

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