My LA to Z: Jill Sobule

Singer-songwriter Jill Sobule moved to L.A. about three years ago and although she feels she still needs people to tell her about some favorite places, we touched base on some of hers


Singer-songwriter, social commentator, and clever girl Jill Sobule has been making great music for almost 20 years. She’ll take the stage at the El Rey on June 13 to sing songs from California Years, a series of stories she wrote while growing to love L.A.


Larchmont Village 

I never like to drive and I live nearby, so it’s nice to have such a great area close by that I can get to and never get in the car.

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Pizzeria Mozza

Special occasions always means pizza. For fancy pizza, I like Pizzeria Mozza. For pizza pizza, I get it on Larchmont.

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The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens

I love going out to Pasadena to the Japanese garden at the Huntington.  I make myself bring a pad and pencil and try to write lyrics, but usually I just doodle.

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ArcLight Cinemas

I love the Arclight, getting the ticket ahead of time. I like going by myself. There’s something great about that.

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West Hollywood 

I’m rare, a girl that doesn’t really shop. Sometimes I’ll go up and down 3rd street and Beverly and poke around when I know I need something. Creatures of Comfort on Melrose and Scout on 3rd Street are two cool little weird clothing stores.



Elysian Park

I’m sentimental about the hike around Elysian Park. When I lived here before I stayed with friends who had a house right there and we would go on that walk. One thing I like about L.A. is walking in my neighborhood after it rains, the smells you never smell living in N.Y. The jasmine is really in bloom right now, and I like to check out all the architecture.




I’m the kind of person who likes to go to the same places over and over again. They have the same [open] tube stereo amp that I have on top of their bar! (I am a bit of geek and audiophile). I am also a lightweight and they have taster-sized wine glasses. And good wallpaper!

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Truetone Music

It’s a guitar store in Santa Monica. Those guys have been so good to me. It’s one place I’ll actually get in my car to go to!

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Largo at the Coronet

I love the new Largo—and the quality of the musicians they have. The owners are like family to me. I love Largo because I get in for free!

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The Farmers Market

I was there recently and don’t want to forget to mention how much I like it because it’s old-timey. I’m so glad that they didn’t raze it or get rid of it. I like the Mexican place there.

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