My LA to Z: Jesse Kamm

The fashion designer, whose spring collection just debuted, loves shopping at Iko Iko and talking up the company she started with her husband


Jesse Kamm’s clothing line is the epitome of L.A. cool, but it wasn’t until the designer moved back to Los Angeles after stints in Panama and Texas that she discovered the city’s “majestic views.” 
1 TheEcho 

Chateau Marmont

It’s just a classic, relaxed, beautiful place to spend time with your friends in a setting that is so Los Angeles. I don’t find myself there often because of the little person in my life, but I find myself there every month, and it’s always a pleasure.

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The Rose Bowl Flea Market

The Rose Bowl is an ideal place to find one-of-a-kind finds. One month I’ll go walk the clothing section and the next month I’ll walk through homewares. Go early, pack food—no one can survive on hot dogs and nuts—and don’t go with something in mind. Just go with your mind open to finding a treasure.

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3 ikoiko 

Iko Iko

Kristin Dickson and her boyfriend have this really small, really beautifully appointed little shop and it’s great for gifts and little pieces of inspiration for your home.


4 countyline 

Surfing at “County Line”

County Line doesn’t have such an agro, cutthroat vibe. Before we were dating my husband was a very good friend of mine and he taught me to surf there, so it’s really reminiscent of him.

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They have coffee and locally-produced foods and food from the farmer’s market. Every week she picks one recipe from a cookbook and has that on the menu for takeout. There’s only one thing on the menu and it’s incredible.


6 LittleDom's 

Little Dom’s

I’m dying for Little Dom’s these days. I get a brunch or lunch there every two weeks. Those little rice balls are so good.

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7 AuntyEm'sKitchen 

Aunty Em’s Kitchen

If I’m bringing cupcakes to a birthday party or a friend’s shower, Aunty Em’s makes the world’s best. It’s full, always. They make everything there and it’s simple, good food. The cupcakes are to die for.

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8 Govindas

Griffith Park

It used to be that Runyon Canyon was my spot, but now that I’m close to Griffith Park, I’ll park down at The Trails and hike to the observatory and back down. It’s a great workout and it’s a great place to take kids.

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9 LAMill 

LA MILL Coffee

It’s the best tasting coffee. I’m not going to pay $7 for a cup of coffee, but I will pay $2.50 for an iced-coffee to go. At least one of us is going there every day.

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10 victoriamorrispottery

Victoria Morris Pottery

She makes the most magnificent pottery. You can get a piece for $400 or you can get a piece for $50. I’m the daughter of a potter, so I know pottery, and she has just got a really delicate hand. It’s so important to support your local artisans.

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11 homegrowmicrofarms

Home Grow Micro Farms

My husband and I started this company together. He’s an environmental scientist. You can order a subscription to the vegetables you’d like to grow online, and then a pre-planted box is delivered and installed in your home. It makes growing your own produce the easiest thing in the world.

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See Jesse Kamm’s spring collection.

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Photograph by Jeana Sohn