My LA to Z: Jennifer Morrison

The actress, who routinely kicks ass and saves dames alongside Snow White and Prince Charming on ABC’s “Once Upon a Time,” could easily live happily ever after in L.A. Here she tells us where she sips coffee with friends, takes in some theatre, and gets lost in a good book
1 El Floradita 

Sushi Park

When I’m home and I know I only have a couple of days to eat, I always try to get to Sushi Park. It’s on the second floor of a mini mall on Sunset. You’d never suspect it, but it’s exceptional. It’s the best sushi I’ve had anywhere. I don’t know what they do to it; it melts in your mouth. It’s the most perfect sushi in the world. It’s very traditional. No rolls, no fancy stuff. If you sit at the sushi bar, try the omakase.

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Moksha Yoga



It’s an L.A. classic! When you go in you go downstairs, which feels very New York because it’s a cozy room on a lower level. The waitstaff knows me because I go there so often, and I always get the spaghetti bolognese. They always look at me like, Do you really need a menu?

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Abbot's Habit


Book Soup

I’m constantly reading. Almost every week I post a “book of the week” and a “movie of the week” on my Facebook fan page, so I’m always looking for a great book. I just picked up A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by Dave Eggers. I’m a huge fan of his writing. I haven’t read anything of his yet I didn’t like.

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4 Hal's 

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

It might sound like an odd choice, but I’ve seen so many cool events there. I just saw The National, which is one of my favorite bands! I met them while I was shooting The Warrior. When we went everybody brought snacks and cheese and crackers and wine and stuff like that. The cemetery is also a really great setting to see a movie. You can find the schedule online for movies in the summertime.

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5 Cafe Gratitude 

The Geffen Playhouse

I love going to see live theatre. It’s partly what I miss about New York, and the Geffen consistently has wonderful productions. They often do shows written by Neil LaBute. I’m a big fan of his work—he’s famous for Reasons To Be Pretty and Reasons To Be Happy. He also wrote the play Some Girl(s), which was turned into a film that I had the opportunity to be in. He’s an extraordinary writer, incredibly prolific, and the Geffen often puts up his newer projects.

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6 901 Salon 


They’ve got more specialty dishes, you know, appetizers and things that are their signature. They have this red snapper sashimi that has a lemon drizzle with garlic chip on it, and then there are several little carpaccio dishes that have specialty sauces. I stumbled upon it because Nine Zero One is my hair salon and Face Place is where I go for facials, so I was in the area.

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7 Cerveteca 

Mowhawk General Store

I went with a friend who lives near there and it was great to discover! It’s a good spot for simple things: shoes, sunglasses, hats. They have everything from basic clothing to candles and ceramics. You can find things there that are functional in life.

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8 Venice Beach 


I wish I was home more to see more of their stuff! They just had the John Baldessari show and James Turrell. I try to see as much as I can when I’m actually in L.A. and have time. There’s always a reason to be there.

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9 Venice Beach 

Fountain Coffee Shop

It’s my favorite breakfast spot in L.A. I love going on a Sunday morning—or early afternoon!—and sitting at the counter. It feels like going back in time. I love the waitresses, too. They’re so sweet. It’s funny, I’m not a huge breakfast eater; It’s more about the ambiance, about being at the counter and having coffee and conversation with friends.

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10 Venice Beach 

The Griffith Observatory

No matter what, even if you’re not into the science, there’s always an amazing view on a clear day. It’s a very serene area in L.A., and it’s nice to be so close to the city but still be able to step away. It’s a great place to hike, too.

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