My LA to Z: Jeff Ross

The New Jersey born comedian-actor-author fills us in on his new Comedy Central show, The Burn With Jeff Ross, and tells us where he orders breakfast in the afternoon and cracks jokes with Jimmy Kimmel



The guy who runs it used to be the maitre’d at Dan Tana’s, and it’s just a fun place. It’s like going back in time, but the food is very of the moment and delicious. When the pilot [for The Burn With Jeff Ross] got picked up, I went there with some friends to celebrate. Come to think of it, I bumped into Seth Green there and that’s when we got the idea that he could do the roast. And then we started roasting Craig’s chocolate pizza. And next thing you know, he’s on TV getting made fun of. Usually when people see me eating they start making fun of me, though. 

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Blu Jam Cafe

Best breakfast in L.A. I’m almost afraid to tell you about it because I don’t want it to get too crazy. “Kamil’s Breakfast” is like eggs and pasta mixed together with bacon and ham and garlic and eggs and scallions. You can see I’m on a real health kick. I eat breakfast at 2 p.m. and carb up for the afternoon. 

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Melrose Trading Post

When the family visits, they always want to go to the Fairfax flea market on Sundays. My sister, that’s her first spot. She drags me out there and I like it because I love knick-knacks. We shot a bit for The Burn there a couple weeks ago called “Antiques Roast Show” where people bought stuff and then I evaluated it for them. One guy bought an old typewriter from the ‘70s and I called it a North Korean iPad. 

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The Comedy Store

On Monday nights at 10 p.m. I like to go to the Ding Dong show. It’s hosted by Don Barris, who’s a funny comedian friend of mine, and he has this insane cast of  characters, to say the least. It’s basically odd balls and misfits that do comedy under Don’s tutelage. It’s a cross between The Gong Show and Awakenings. Free admission and worth every penny. 

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The Beach

It took me years to realize that the beach is a great place to just recharge your batteries and sort-of feel like you’re on vacation for a few hours. I grew up in New Jersey where if you went to the beach it was a 2-hour drive and took another half hour to park and you had to pay to get on the beach. It was always sort of a chore. But here in L.A. it’s just something you can stop by for an hour and refresh. Sometimes it’s hard to find a bathroom on the beach, so I just dig a hole and pretend like I’m tanning my back. 

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Tomato Pie Pizza Joint

Tomato Pie is good on Melrose. I go in there once in awhile. It’s delicious. They have something I love; I think they call it the BBQ Chicken Pizza. It’s thin crust pizza and it just works. 

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Barneys/Barney Greengrass

I buy sneakers on Melrose, I buy weed on Santa Monica Boulevard and I buy clothes at Barneys. At Barney Greengrass , the foods so good, you get nice and stuffed and then you go buy pants. It’s kind of an awkward combination, but it works for me for some reason. I only go there on the first of the month though, payday. 

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Musso and Frank

When I really want a throwback feel, Musso and Frank is really fun. It’s the oldest restaurant in L.A. up on Hollywood Blvd., the food is fresh, the waiters are not. It’s like a 100-year-old restaurant. I get the oldest steak in L.A.  

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Canters Deli

I’m all about Canters, that’s comfort food. We shot a bit last night, it’ll be on next week, where Jimmy Kimmel and I sort of roasted each other back and forth while eating salami and pastrami sandwiches, respectively. It was pretty fun. We basically had a contest to see who could tell more jokes with their mouth full. He won. 

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You know what reminds me of New York? Walking up and down Melrose where all the stores are.. I can get up and go get a coffee and a newspaper and do some people watching. I really feel like Melrose has had a rough couple years, but I feel like it’s bouncing back in a big way. It’s really important for a comedian to get a real feel for what people look and sound like and Melrose is perfect for that. I walk around Melrose and basically speed roast people in my head. 

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