My LA to Z: India Adams

The Encino resident on where she takes her adult children for dinner, and where she could spend an entire day


The singing voice of both Cyd Charisse and Joan Crawford in the MGM classics The Band Wagon and Torch Song, India Adams has been performing since the 1950s. On January 15th and 16th, she’ll make a rare appearance at Catalina Bar & Grill. 
1 elcholo 

El Cholo

Whenever our children come home to L.A. we always have to go to the original El Cholo on Western. They have great margaritas and delicious fajitas and the atmosphere is fun and pretty. We have gone on occasion without the children, but mostly we go when they are in town. Then, we have to.

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Le Sanglier

It’s small and intimate and they have delicious French food. The host, Gilles, is so charming. It’s a pleasant, sophisticated atmosphere. They do a puff pastry with mushrooms and it’s really delicious.

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3 winebistro 

Wine Bistro

It’s also small and intimate with excellent food but it’s a bit noisier. A bit more happening. People drop in and sit at the bar. There’s a very nice host, J.B., there as well. We go there with friends every two or three months.

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4 countyline 

The Huntington Library

Between the magnificent art inside and the fabulous gardens, which are really glorious, it’s a great place to spend an entire day. Plus, there’s a lovely restaurant for tea.

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Pacific Design Center

My husband is an interior designer so I sometimes go with him to the Pacific Design Center. It’s just fun going through the showrooms. Sometimes it’s fabrics and sometimes it’s furniture. Sometimes he’ll bring something home and I’ll say, “Don’t you dare give that away!”

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6 shoes 

The Pasadena and Santa Monica Antique Fairs

I collect antiques and my personal collection is quite specific but I enjoy looking at stuff I wouldn’t consider buying. I collect two subjects, miniature shoes (mostly porcelain but a lot of wooden ones, too) and camel figurines, which are much harder to find.

7 AuntyEm'sKitchen 


When I lived in London with my husband, I  insisted on visiting Pink’s on LaBrea whenever we visited L.A. I grew up here in Los Angeles, and I remember it from when I was a little girl. It’s the only place I can think of where the food is exactly the same as I remember it as a child. But when I was a kid there were no lines. You just walked up to the stand.

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8 diamondbakery

Diamond Bakery

They have this incredibly rye bread. It’s very crusty, full of seeds, and it’s really delicious. Luckily our Ralph’s gets delivery from Diamond Bakery. When our children come to visit from New York they always end up taking home loafs of bread.


9 plusko's 

Plusko’s Fine Pastries

They have the most divine cake, called the Champagne Cake, which is a vanilla cake filled with custard and covered with whipped cream. I normally bake for parties, but for something like a birthday I’ll order that because it’s such a nice cake and it comes in a sheet form, which is easy for serving.

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10 uniqueboutique

Unique Boutique

You’d never notice it was there. The owner is an Israeli woman named Ester and she has the most wonderful, different clothes and she puts incredible outfits together. That’s my home away from home. I stop by about once a week just to visit.


11 theautry

The Autry National Center

We’ve been members for probably three, four years. They sometimes have live entertainment or films and we have a lot of friends who are very active in the museum, more active than we are, who got us involved.

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