My LA to Z: Holly Robinson Peete


Former host of The Talk Holly Robinson Peete got out the paintbrush this month to help volunteers revitalize the Watts Labor Community Action Committee Community Center (they received a grant of $50,000 from The Maxwell House Community Project). On October 7th she was honored for her dedication to the autism community at The Miracle Project’s “Autism is Awesomism” concert at The Grove. The rest of the time, you’ll find Peete and her husband, former NFLer Rodney Peete catching flying shrimp in their mouths at Benihana with their four children.


The L.A. Zoo

We’re big fans and I am on the board. I got on the board because I was so blown away. I started bringing children affected by autism to the zoo. It’s amazing how they react to the animals. We get there early before it opens, so there’s no sensory overload. People don’t realize how amazing that zoo is.

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We roll deep. There are six of us. We take up one whole grill so it’s private. It’s sad, I’ve been going there since high school, and I even remember going there for a high school prom afterparty. We never get tired of the same old tricks—volcano onions.

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The Museum of Tolerance

I hosted an event there. It is one of those places you drive past all the time. When I went inside, I was blown way. It’s so great.

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Ultrazone Lasertag

This place is in Sherman Oaks. We are way too into it. It’s like a watered down version of paintball. My husband is an ex-football player–he played for 16 years–so there is so much sports going on in our house and a different practice every minute. This is something we can all do together.

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Brentwood Dog Park

It is like a doggie’s singles bar. We take Harriet Tubman Peete (a new foundland) and Fredrick Douglas Peete (a goldendoodle). We love places we can take ours dogs and make a day of it. Harriet is 140 lbs and needs to lose 20, I just heard.

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Il Ciel Spa at SLS

We get the couples massage at Il Ciel. It’s a boutique spa, not over-the-top. It’s pretty awesome and sometimes we get a room, but now I’ve shared too much.

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AMC Arclight Sherman Oaks

This is for the nighttime. We have a mommy/daddy cocktail (there’s a bar in there, a whole adult afterhours) and my mother babysits the kids. We get to see an R-rated movie! We are starved for R-rated movies.

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