My LA to Z: Henry Wolfe

The indie-folk singer-songwriter dishes about his favorite restaurants, drives, and radio shows
Indie-folk singer-songwriter Henry Wolfe lives in Eagle Rock but wrote most of the songs for his new release, Linda Vista, while living in Laurel Canyon. The CD takes its name from street Wolfe drove up every day to the recording studio and its pretty views. He’ll be celebrating the release with a Monday-night residency this month at the Bootleg Theater.

The Dodgers and Vin Scully

That’s my team. I am also a not-totally-lapsed Yankees fan, but I don’t like to broadcast that because I know it’s a little bit sensitive. If they played each other I’d root for the Dodgers because I like the underdog. Map | More info


To the Point with Warren Olney

He asks the questions that I want to have answered. Always. And he has great guests, too. He has the best people on there. More info



Mexico feels so much like an interruption from the norm, in that it’s so far off the beaten path and yet so close. It’s like driving into another century or something.


Burbank Airport

It’s totally close to me and you can get there within an hour of your flight leaving and still check a bag. There’s never any lines, or very rarely. It’s the least stressful way to travel. The only thing that’s bad about it is there’s no good coffee place. They need to work on that. Map | More info



The sushi in L.A. is the best that I’ve ever had anywhere. I’m kind of hesitant to say my favorite place, because it’s sort of a secret. I can tell you one that is very famous, which is Sushi Gen downtown. Map | More info

6.Country store

Laurel Canyon Country Store

It’s a total one-of-a-kind place. In the middle of Hollywood there’s this mom-and-pop operation where people who live in the neighborhood get together and gossip every morning over coffee. They know everybody’s name and everything. Map | More info


Northbound 110 Freeway

It’s just so beautiful. It’s one of the oldest freeways in the area and I think probably one of the oldest in the country. Map | More info


Pacific Dining Car

The one downtown. It’s like an old-Los Angeles, pre-dating Hollywood even, kind of thing. Map | More info


Mulholland Drive

I haven’t driven from beginning to end because I always get lost when I’m in the valley, but from the Hollywood Hills to the Mulholland Highway over in the Santa Monica Mountains, it’s just one of the most breathtaking drives you can do. Map | More info


Mount Baldy

I like snowboarding there. It’s pretty amazing to sit on a chairlift and be able to look at downtown L.A. Map | More info



I don’t mind driving at all and I’m sort of a news radio junkie so I listen to KPCC a lot. KPCC | KCRW


Colombo’s Restaurant

It’s in my neighborhood. It’s really good, decent, Italian food. It’s dark inside and you can kind of hole up in there. Map | More info


The Troubadour

The Troubadour My favorite venue that I’ve played in town is probably the Troubadour, just because of its history, and it sounds incredible. I like playing rooms that are that big, and I identify artistically with a lot of the artists who made a name for themselves playing out of the Troubadour in the ‘70s. Map | More info


Figueroa Produce

It’s in Highland Park. It has good local produce and a good butcher. For that neighborhood you otherwise only have Vons, and this place has really good local, fresh stuff. Map | More info

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