My LA to Z: Golden Globes 2016 Edition

From <em>Transparent</em> to <em>Outlander</em> to <em>The Hateful Eight</em>, here are the local places where your favorite nominees hang in their downtime

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Star of Game of Thrones; nominated for Best TV Series, Drama
When people visit me in Copenhagen, they tell me they’ve gone to these great museums [in the city], and I always go, “I haven’t been!” But I’m still a visitor in L.A.—I’ve been visiting for 20 years—so I’ve been to the Museum of Contemporary Art downtown. I love that place. It’s beautiful and a great place to go and hang. I find watching others’ creativity to be inspiring.

Rachel Bloom

Star of Crazy Ex Girlfriend; nominated for Best Actress in a TV Series, Comedy
hardwickLake Hollywood Park
L.A.’s such a dog city. It’s a beautiful park where you can come with dogs or have a picnic. It’s right under the Hollywood sign. We used to live up there and go all the time, especially when I was kind of unemployed. You meet a lot of out of work actors. One time I met a woman up there with her dog and she was an energy healer. She said that her dog would sit on people’s chakras to heal them. It’s the perfect microcosm of crazy L.A. people.

Demián Bichir


photograph courtesy facebook/mayimbialik

Star of The Hateful Eight; nominated for Best Screenplay—Motion Picture
Tere’s Mexican Grill
In terms of Mexican food, I have three places that are my favorite. My first is Tere’s. When we were shooting Weeds, production said, “Here’s a list of restaurants around the area.” I saw Tere’s and thought, let’s try some enchiladas verdes. Being a true Mexican, that’s a big test. And those enchiladas were supreme. Colossal. Delicious. This place is so tiny, you wouldn’t believe they have everything so fresh—handmade tortillas, and the chile rellenos are the closest thing to my mom’s chile rellenos. And of course, yes, everyone is Mexican and couldn’t be friendlier.

Aziz Ansari


Photograph courtesy

Star of Master of None; nominated for Best Actor in a TV Series, Comedy
I’ve become really close with Jazz, the chef-owner—she’s so sweet. [Holds up a picture of the two with a Photoshopped border of dolphins and ocean waves.] She always has a new Thai dish that she wants me to try.

Kathryn Hahn


Screen cap courtesy Comedy Central

Star of Transparent; nominated for Best TV Series, Comedy
Pop Physique
I’m not really good at the gym because I talk myself out of everything. If I can’t read an Us magazine on a machine, I’m going too fast. So nothing gets done. That’s why I like Pop Physique. Aside from the fact that it’s hard to explain to a seven-year-old why there’s a picture of a woman’s ass on their billboards, the class is efficient, which I love. It’s 45-minutes and it works everything. It’s low impact; a lot of core work with some ballet and barre stuff. It targets the whole situation.

Sam Heughan

Sam Heughan

Photograph by Frank Ockenfels/Courtesy FX

Star of Outlander; nominated for Best TV Series, Drama
I love going downtown. It’s one of my favorite places because you can get the Metro there, and being European, we tend to do that. You can also drink and get the metro, so that means you can go out for a night. There’s a place there called LA. B, which is an indoor bouldering center. I’ve just gotten into climbing, and it’s a really good setup. It’s really chill, they play good music, and there’s loads of different walls to climb on. They’ve also got a small gym where you can work out as well as a café. Downtown is a really weird place. If you don’t know about these places you would never find them, but LA. B is really good.

Jeffrey Tambor


Photograph courtesy

Star of Transparent; nominated for Best TV Series, Comedy
Santa Monica Airport
The airport has a wonderful restaurant and a viewing platform where you can watch the planes land and take off—all kids love planes. I recommend anyone with kids take advantage of that.

Rob Lowe


Photograph courtesy Shutterstock/Helga Esteb

Star of The Grinder; nominated for Best Actor in a TV Series, Comedy
Union Station
Take the Coast Starlight up the coast. It’s absolutely brilliant. I’ve taken it to San Francisco, but someday I’d like to take it all the way to Vancouver. It’s one of the last great American named trains that’s still around and as good as it ever was. Get a sleeper car—that’s the ticket. Unfortunately it’s not cheap, but it is amazing.