My LA to Z: Garcelle Beauvais


Actress Garcelle Beauvais might be an expert on legal dramas—the NYPD Blue alum is returning to the field of justice alongside Mark-Paul Gosselaar on TNT’s Franklin & Bash, which premieres this week. Before she does, the Valley resident tells us where she sells designer clothing, where she orders garlic naan, and the beach she thinks is best for moms 



It’s where we go for birthdays or if my family is in town. I used to go there for anniversaries. But we started going there maybe five or six years ago. I was there for lunch just a few weeks ago with a friend for “a happy day.” I love their garlic noodles with crab. I never even look at the menu and don’t even know if they have anything else.

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Decades Two

A friend of mine owns the store, and I’ll go there to shop or to sell pieces. I usually borrow for evening wear but if something is amazing, I’ll buy it and then sell it at Decades Two. I don’t go by designer, I go by what I like. I’m not a label snob at all. Otherwise I’d be broke.

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I go to Intermix on Robertson a lot. They are great for trendy things and accessories. They carry Rag and Bone, which is a great brand that I love now. They carry really good pieces.

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Venice Beach

Venice Beach has a little bit of everything for out of town visitors. You can see somebody juggling and you can also buy little T-shirts that say Venice Beach, but then you’re at the beach as well. It’s just a good place to go and have fun and people watch.

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Will Rogers State Beach

If I’m going to the beach with my kids, I have to carry a lot of crap and maybe them, too. It’s the closest in terms of where you park to the beach. So it’s easy to go back and get something in the car or walk someone to the bathroom. It makes it easier being a mom.

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The Center for Early Education

My oldest son used to go to school there. It reminds me of when we had just moved to Los Angeles. Everything was new, bright, and shiny. This is where dreams happen and I was hoping I could work here and have a career. It was the beginning of everything. It was a fresh start.

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Taste of India

It’s sort of a hole in the wall place and I get my nails done next door. The food is really tasty and they always say they’ll deliver in 45 minutes, and then they are there in 20. I order the garlic naan and then chicken tikka masala. You can get it mild, medium, or spicy. I always get it medium and think, This is medium? It’s super spicy.

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The Studio City Farmers’ Market

It’s great because they have fresh fruits and vegetables and they also have a petting zoo and a train, so I can shop and the kids have a good time. I run into Lisa Rinna there a lot, but even more at her shop [Belle Gray], because I’m always there, too. 

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