My LA to Z: Gabriel Iglesias

The stand-up comedian and Los Angeles local, who voices Ned and Zed in Disney’s “Planes” (out today), tells us where to find eight flavors of hot wings, the best chorizo scramble, and the most luxurious movie theater in town

Black Bear Diner

This is my favorite place to have breakfast. I get the chorizo scramble. I couldn’t tell you exactly what’s in it, but it’s a big plate of goodness as far as I’m concerned. Half the time I end up leaving a quarter of the food on the place because it’s just so much. The service is good, but it’s slow. You have to have time on your hands, but it’s amazing.

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Alondra Hot Wings

This is definitely not the place you want to go if you’re on a diet. I come here for a cheat day. They serve eight flavors of wings and everything is fried. They even have fried Twinkies.

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The Comedy & Magic Club

Jay Leno performs here every Sunday night, and I perform on the last Tuesday of every month. It’s a small club, but it’s been there since the ‘70s. It’s very exclusive, not just any comics get to play. If you can perform here, you’re doing something big. 

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Dave & Busters

I go to Dave & Busters with friends and have a few drinks while my son plays air hockey. I’ve made a connection with the management, and they set us up with a little bit of a private spot, which is great.

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Seasons 52

Their menu is amazing, and each item is less than 460 calories. They have one of the best filets I’ve ever had, really good grilled salmon, and all these amazing pastries. They’re always changing up the menu, too, which is really cool. There are a couple of locations, but it’s not so big that it feels like a franchise.

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Hermosa Beach

I used to walk and bike ride a lot. My family doesn’t go to the beach much, but when we do, this is where we go.

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iPic Theaters

It’s almost like your own private theater filled with nothing but recliners. Imagine your favorite love seat, and you’re in there. It probably seats about forty. You have to take two escalators down, and once you walk in it’s like you’re in a lounge, and someone escorts you into the theater.

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