My LA to Z: Flying Lotus

When the L.A.-born experimental electronic hip-hop artist (and Coltrane relation) isn’t getting the crowds going at Low End Theory, he spends time on Fairfax browsing art books, shopping for records, or taking in an indie flick



Turntable Lab

This is a small boutique record shop and I love their CD collection. They get mix CDs from artists that I might have overlooked. I can go in there and get dope mix tapes of a bunch of people I’ve heard about. I can do it all in one swoop over there. I like that.

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Poo-Bah Records

This is probably the best. The staff there really gives a f—. Everyone who works there is really involved in the music scene, too. It’s a very community-driven record store. I think they’re definitely the best place around to get vinyl. I never make it over to that side of town. If I go, it’s only for that.

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Lyon Recreation Center at USC

I go to the gym three days a week at USC. I lift weights. It’s actually a really amazing facility. They have everything there: a beautiful track and a weight room that’s great—the machines are really good. I’ve definitely gained more muscle mass working out at that gym than working out at the gym I was at previously. It’s $10 every time or you can get the pass and it’s cheaper.

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The Cinefamily

I’m a member. Anytime they have something cool scheduled I try to go down there and see it on the big screen. More than anything I love being there with all the people who love cinema. It’s so awesome. I know everyone there is involved or wants to be involved in the film business, but it’s still a really cool place for the young people. It’s like the Low End Theory for people who watch movies.

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Piano Bar

I’m not a big music venue guy—I’ll just go wherever the person I want to hear is playing. But I’ll go to Piano Bar lot to hear what jazz is happening.

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This place is pretty new. I got a great graphic novel from this little bookstore. It’s all art books and stuff, or artists sketch books.

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Odd Future Pop-Up Shop

Obviously I go here and hang out with the Odd Future boys for a minute. 

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I shouldn’t even be putting this in print. Man, whenever I go there the goddamn spot is so full! I try to get something different every time because there’s so much stuff. I love panang curry. I’m into spicy.

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Dantes Fried Chicken Truck

I love this truck but they’re never around anymore. They’re only here and there. I get to have it maybe once a year, but it’s so good.

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Taco Zone Truck

After a show at Low End Theory I try not to go eat, but sometimes it can’t be helped. And at that hour you’re pretty much only going to get tacos. I go to Taco Zone—that truck is really good. Everyone loves to go there. 

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