My LA to Z: Evan Lysacek

The Olympic gold medalist tells us how he keeps fit and healthy and where he has a little fun during those rare moments when he’s not on skates

evan lysacek

Photo courtesy NBC/USOC

US figure skater Evan Lysacek, who trains in El Segundo and makes Los Angeles his home, won an Olympic gold medal in the 2010 Olympics at Vancouver. 


Joan’s on Third

It’s easy for me to go there and grab anything. Joan (McNamara) is a good friend of mine, and her family runs it together. They are so nice, and they understand my diet. They’ll make me anything I need to accommodate my nutrition regimen. Usually, I’m in there at least once a day.

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The Strand, Manhattan Beach

In El Segundo, my training on the ice is indoors and it’s really cold and there are no windows, so I like to go outside and do a cross-training thing. I run from the Manhattan Beach Pier to the Hermosa Pier and back. It’s a nice run and it doesn’t take too long—I’m still doing my training, but I’m also having a Zen moment at the beach. 

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Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is one of my sponsors, so I’ve gotten to really know the West Hollywood store. It’s such a cool vibe there. It’s got a different atmosphere than the Rodeo Drive store and the staff has adopted that atmosphere. I’ll even stop in and say hi and hang out.

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Chateau Marmont

The service is impeccable, and they cater to your every need. I try to get in there a couple times a week when I’m in town. It feels like a home, especially if you come from another city and you’re working all the time. I can see why so many celebrities like it. I love going on the weekends for brunch and sitting outside on the patio in the sun, or sitting in the garden for dinner under the heat lamps. They have amazing frites.

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Runyon Canyon

Hiking is great cross-training, and exercising while being outside for me is really great. The view is beautiful, and it’s not very strenuous.

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Sometimes I have had to get a last-minute skating costume, and they have such unique stuff there, and they are really, really helpful in picking something out. They know now that I’m a skater, and I’ll walk in and they’ll say, “What’s your music?” Or, I’ll say, “Oh no, I’m just trying to shop for myself today.” They have some obscure designers and things you wouldn’t really find anywhere else.





My friend is a D.J. there sometimes, so when he’s there it’s fun to go, and he’ll be sitting in the lobby, and we can have drinks at the bar and the restaurant. A lot of times I can’t really go out because I don’t want to party and have to train the next day. At Palihouse I can have a quiet night with friends. I like that lounge atmosphere.

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The Melrose Trading Post

I get all kinds of stuff. It’s really like a treasure-hunting kind of thing. I’ve gotten everything from furniture for my house to old books, to photos that someone has taken, to clothing. I’m inspired by so many things—if something catches my eye, I’ll just go for it. Usually, things are from $5 to $20, so it’s not like a huge splurge.

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The Hollywood Bowl

It’s outside, and just really a beautiful scene. I saw a symphony there with my coach. It was really good. You would think I would be more up on classical music.

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Taverna Tony’s

I’m Greek, so I love Greek food. My mom and my grandma both cook really delicious Greek food. It’s always nice for me to drive up to Malibu and hang out for the day with some friends, and we always have lunch or dinner at Taverna Tony’s. It’s really authentic and everything is homemade with amazing ingredients, so the taste is really like home cooking more than restaurant food. The atmosphere is great, too.

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