My LA to Z: Eric Ladin

The Killing actor, whose Jamie Wright was revealed not to be the killer on the season finale of the AMC hit last night, tells us where he loads up on chocolate, tennis shoes, and premium brews


Photograph by Joan Allen



Hollywood Reservoir Dog Park

It’s not an official dog park, but just east of the Hollywood reservoir there’s this big, open, cool grassy park basically right under the Hollywood Sign. A ton of dog people go there, or people playing Ultimate Frisbee. My dog likes people, so he goes around to see what people have for food and if someone will pet him. He could do without the balls, the discs, the frisbees, and the other dogs.

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Delancey Bar and Pizzeria

I went there the other day with friends. It’s a cool little spot. They have great pizza and they have good food, but the bar food isn’t, like, terrible for you. Delancey’s has a good selection of beer and a fantastic selection of wine. 

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Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

The USC Trojans are one of my loves. I went to USC, so during football season you can find me there enjoying the live game. I love live sports and love going to the Coliseum.

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They only serve from a tasting menu by sushi chef Nika Nakayama. I used to go to her first place in Hollywood, called Asami, which was kind of like your neighborhood sushi place. Tell her I sent you. It’s seriously one of the best fine dining experiences I’ve ever had.

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The Larchmont Farmers’ Market

We live in Larchmont Village, so we go the farmers’ market on the weekends to get fresh produce for the week. We love to cook. I try to get as much as I can from here. I’m not against Pavilions or Whole Food’s by any means, but my wife and I are health conscience, so we try to get local food. 

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Twirl Yogurt

I do a combo of Nutella with chocolate ice cream. I know that’s very chocolate-y, but that’s the way I roll. I’ll either get ground up Heath bar or mini M&Ms. We always save our dog the last bite. He loves ice cream.

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Kicks Sole Provider

I like the fact that they have old retro styles like Adidas Rod Lavers—he was this great tennis player who did a line for Adidas. I have those in four different colors. 

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Klien Epstein & Parker

It’s this new place on Robertson that makes really cool suits, all custom so they fit the way you want them to. You can pick the lining. They also sell really cool avant-garde ties and socks. 

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Venice Beach Boardwalk

We ride bikes on the path on the weekends. It’s also a great place to people watch a hybrid of tourists and weirdos—I use that word with a sense of admiration because I really do like people who kind of beat to their own drum. I really like to shoot pictures of people and get a slice of life. 

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Photographs courtesy (in order): (1) Flickr/Don DeBold, (2), (3) Bobak Ha’Eri, (4), (5) Natalie Maynor, (6), (7), (8), (9)