My LA to Z: Eli Roth

The self-described “part-time psychopath” and producer of The Last Exorcism Part II (opening in theaters March 1) exposes some of L.A.’s best kept secrets—we’re talking pancakes, a certified skin care guru, and a video store that might just have that weird DVD you’ve been searching for

Pizzeria Mozza

I am a pizza addict and a complete pizza snob, so I was ecstatic when that place opened. Whenever I’m in a foreign country and I get off the plane in L.A., I go to Pizzeria Mozza first. My record there is three and a half pizzas. If I eat two pizzas there it’s a light meal for me.

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Marianne Kehoe Skin Studio

I just turned forty and people always ask, “What is your secret?” Marianne Kehoe has the most incredible shop in Studio City. I found out about her from Jeremy Scott. She literally has taken years off my life. Deep pore cleansing, great products, no chemicals, no acids, vitamin infusions—I go once a week. If I get off the airplane and Mozza isn’t open, I go to Marianne.

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Black Cat Bakery and Cafe

The pancakes at Black Cat on Fairfax are so good that I don’t want to tell people about them because I’m worried I won’t get a table. It’s never crowded, they serve breakfast ‘til three, and it’s pure happiness. The blueberry pancakes are incredible; I don’t think there’s a better pancake in L.A.

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Hugo’s is this amazing right-from-the-gym kind of place. If I have to do an actor meeting, I always go there, and I’m always seeing actors and other directors there too. I don’t know if I’m outing her by saying this, but I always see Sarah Silverman at Hugo’s. The food is great. I could eat there five times a day.

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PowerZone is ridiculously cheap, has an amazing shake bar, and has amazing protein bars. It’s the place I go when I’m punishing myself for all the pancakes I’ve eaten at Black Cat. The prices are unbeatable and the people who work there are extremely knowledgeable.
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Runyon Canyon

I love hiking in Runyon. I live in Hollywood right near the Directors Guild, so it’s an easy place to go without driving. If a friend is in from out of town and we just ate pancakes, didn’t sleep, and have to get exercise, we go to Runyon.

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Cinefile Video

If I need a movie and I can’t find it on the Internet, I go to Cinefile. They actually took over the programming of The Silent Movie Theatre and turned it into the Cinefamily. It’s terrific. Thanks to Cinefamily and the New Beverly, which Quentin Tarantino bought after the previous owner tragically died, there’s a terrific survival theatre culture in L.A. Quentin and I both have collections of 35 mm prints that we lend to Cinefamily and New Beverly to support revival houses.

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Sunset Tower

Sunset Bar at Sunset Tower is a great dinner date spot. It has great outdoor seating and a great vibe. It’s where the Vanity Fair Oscar party is held, but it has a year-round feel. You’ll see lots of stars, but it’s not a paparazzi place; so many restaurants have a vibe where people go to see and be seen, but Sunset Tower is not like that.

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SoHo House

SoHo House such a great place to work, to have meetings, to have a drink. I have friends who come in from Europe who want to smoke and I always take them to SoHo House. You can sit outside, have a drink, smoke a cigarette—there’s a beautiful view, the people are cool, and the drinks are terrific.

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