My LA to Z: Dylan Lauren

The founder and CEO of her eponymous Candy Bar leads a pretty sweet life. Here she talks coffee cravings, Farmers Market finds, and pup-friendly treats


It’s Japanese food and it’s delicious. My favorite dish there is the fried rice with tuna on top of it. It’s sort of what they’re known for. It also has a really nice indoor/outdoor set up.

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The Original Farmers Market

I like that is has local restaurants that are not chains, and I like the causal lunch spots that are quick and easy. I can get Chinese food or American food or Japanese food, and it’s always action-packed and fun. There is this one guy who makes lanterns out of colored plastic—I like fun knick-knacks and little objects like that. He can customize the size and anything you want. I ordered six for my store in L.A. He puts them together into different shapes, kind of like puzzle pieces. I have managed to buy everything from cell phone cases to hot iron rollers from those vendor stands.

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Marmalade Café

It’s a restaurant right across from my store, so I always go there because they have outdoor seating and basic, all-American food. I usually go for either an omelette with vegetables or some sort of salad with salmon.

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The Grove

I’m always between the Farmers Market and The Grove not only because my store is there, but I also just find it a very appealing place to shop. It’s a very happy outdoor mall and it has a lot of fun stores. I like it there the best.

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The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

I always have go to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and I get the vanilla latte or vanilla ice blended. My cousin Greg introduced me to it when I first came to L.A. Now, it’s like the minute I get off the plane after traveling I have to go to. There’s one on Sunset that has outdoor seats and a fireplace, which is nice.

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They have really good omelettes and over-the-top bakery goods. I like their blueberry muffins, and I like any sort of cookies, like their oatmeal raisin cookies. I missed hitting it on my last trip to L.A., but I ran by and I got a little jealous.

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The Dog Bakery

My favorite store is the dog bakery—it’s a store for pets and it has cute cookies and biscuits that are shaped like ice cream cones. I have a rescue dog, a lab collie named Jersey, and I like that they give a percentage of their proceeds to dogs. They use dog-friendly butter, and there’s no sugar in it or  anything!

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Runyon Canyon

When I’m in town, I go to Runyon Canyon a lot to run and hike. That’s my primary form of exercise! I don’t bring my dog when I’m in California, but it’s fun to see all the dogs there. I’ve also gone to Bear Mountain to hike, and I’ve done to the Malibu Canyon trails, too.

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California State Highway 1

Recently one of my favorite things is to drive Highway 1, the whole 17-mile drive up PCH. Those areas are just gorgeous. It’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. My favorite hotel on the drive is called San Ysidro Ranch. They have a beautiful restaurant there and it’s very romantic.

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I very much enjoy Kitson. I’ll get inspirations for products that I want to make. I like their knick knacks: little shot glasses or jewelry or fun spa products. It’s fun to keep the packaging as inspiration for candy.

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Flywheel Sports

Flywheel is my place of choice if I’m not hiking or running. I like being able to do it in New York, too. They have good spin teachers and probably around 40 bikes, which is nice because it never gets too crazy. It’s also a great indoor workout when it’s raining or too hot in L.A.

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