My LA to Z: Dylan Gelula

The actress, who helped us all remember how much it sucks to be a teenager as Xanthippe Voorhees on the Emmy-nominated <em>Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt</em>, talks thrift shopping, classic books, and secret beaches

Crossroads Kitchen

faison2It’s kind of like vegan tapas. I’m vegan, but my boyfriend is not. He’s still down to try their stuff, which is nice. It’s a super fancy restaurant, so I’m not saying you can go there regularly, but on special occasions it’s fun because you can share food. They have this unbelievable lasagna, and I’ve had some kind of crab cakes with green apples in it or something crazy. Gastronomically, it’s really fun.


faison2It’s this little house run by this married couple, Larry and Amy, who are the best. They’re also the most creative yoga teachers I’ve ever had. I can’t recommend their classes enough. They just opened a new location in Glendale, but I haven’t gone. They kick your ass—it’s super strenuous. Like, you blackout and then you leave and you’re like, “I don’t know what happened, but I’m exhausted.”


faison4I used to work there, and I found that all of the Wastelands have their own personalities based on the customers and what they buy. I think the one in Santa Monica has the most high-end designer stuff. It’s in the touristy part of Santa Monica, and they always have really awesome stuff.

Lechuza Beach

faison5I might be recommending something illegal here. It’s not technically trespassing, because I think if you get to the beach, the sand is public property. That’s how the law works, right? [laughs]. It’s sort of a hidden beach and there’s this sort of cove element—I went there on Memorial Day and no one was there and it’s just gorgeous. And the drive—as somebody who is not from California…oh my God. [Editor’s note: there are two public access points to the beach.]

Echo Park Avenue

faison7There’s a handful of stores tightly together. There’s this one called Tavin that has really awesome stuff, a cute vintage store, a coffee shop and other places. On the right day, if it’s cold enough, you can kind of trick yourself into thinking you’re on the East coast.

Amoeba Music

faison7This might be obvious, but I think Amoeba is really awesome. It’s fun to know they’re actually going to have the record you’re looking for. And they actually have a huge hip-hop section, which I feel like nobody does in L.A. It’s awesome—I don’t have to sell anybody on why Amoeba’s great.

Silver Lake Farmers’ Market

faison7It’s every Tuesday and Saturday. The clothing vendors on Saturday are awesome—I get all of my clothes at the farmers’ market. And the books! There’s this book guy who has every classic book, and you’re like, “I should’ve read that and I didn’t.” He’s got very cheap paperbacks. He’s amazing,

Sage Vegan Bistro

faison7It is so delicious and really healthy. It’s great during the week when I don’t want to cook for myself. I can eat out and not feel like I ate out. Literally every time I go I get their pesto bowl.

Photographs courtesy (in order): (3) S.; (4) K.; (5) Andrade; (7) Lobo; (8) yelp.cpm/Rachel A.;(9) H. All other photographs courtesy