My LA to Z: Donal Logue

The Terriers actor and Valley resident may call himself a free floater, but that doesn’t mean Donal Logue doesn’t have his favorite spots around the city. He tells us where he puts up his dukes, enjoys an impromptu dip, and feels 35 again

Green Door

I’m a free floater in a weird way. I’ll find a spot and like it and then move on. I’m not much of a birthday person, but my friends might say, “You have to sit down with us for your birthday,” and we used to go to Green Door. They had crazy good Kansas City steaks.

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It’s in a tiny little mall with a dance studio and some weird actor’s work studio. I’m not a vegetarian but I love it. It’s really small and you grab your own stuff from the fridge. They have this really good soy pizza and when my kids were small they were completely fooled by it.

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Trail Running

When I lived off of Franklin over 20 years ago, my favorite morning run was going up Western into Griffith Park and then running up the trails to the observatory. Then, when I bought my first house, I bought on Duran Drive above Beachwood because it was a place where you could park to go run around the reservoir. I always thought, try and live where you would park to go and run. It was great to just roll out of your house for the workout.

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I’d take my kids to go watch the young guys play in the soccer leagues. Even just to watch the 30s play, there’s a high level of play there. They’re really good. It’s something I used to do, and there was something about me playing in my 40s. When you hit that age, you can either just fast track to 55 or try and reverse to 35. I love taking advantage of the outdoor stuff.


The Short Stop

My friend Greg Dulli owns it and it’s an incredible bar. It was an old cop bar but they basically made the music badass and didn’t change another thing. Even though I’m not drinking, that’s where I have fun hanging out.

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Dodger Stadium

I’m a big Red Sox fan but I will go to Dodger games. It’s hard not to root for the Dodgers for the National League unless they’re playing the Padres. That’s a long story. It’s part of a deep superstition that entered my life when I was very young. Dodger dogs, peanuts—both would be good. It’s beautiful to be in Chavez Ravine on a nice night.

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El Conquistador

I grew up on the Mexican border and I love Mexican food, but it’s just about the ambiance of the place. It’s a place where to me, if a friend says it’s a cool place, it kind of just becomes your thing.

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Los Angeles Galaxy Games

It was a tradition for me and my kids for a long time. I remember when they played in the Rose Bowl and it was empty, and going up 50 stairs to change my kid’s diaper. Those are special memories.

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I’m a complete and utter insomniac. I get everything done in the middle of the night. I wrote my first novel last year and it was a nighttime endeavor, so I’m familiar with all the 24-hour places.

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My favorite block in Los Angeles is, was, and always will be the block where La Poubelle and Bourgeois Pig are, and now they have the Upright Citizens Brigade there. That block is really amazing. It still feels like all these people in their early 20s moving to L.A. with hopes and dreams. It’s a magnet. It’s got a great energy.


Boxers and Ballerinas

It’s a place to meet up with friends and square up our day and box. My kids used to go there for boxing, and Ricky Quiles and I became friends and he would force me to hit mitts.

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The Pacific

I keep a pair of swimming trunks in my car just because on a weird afternoon, if you’re driving by the ocean, it’s almost like you have a moral obligation to get in it. You don’t have to surf or swim but you have to baptize yourself. It feels like the most revolutionary act. It’s refreshing.


Mulholland Drive

I have a couple motorcycles. I haven’t been riding as much because I sold my Harley to Gilles Marini, but it’s a beautiful road. It gets a little crowded so you have to be aware but a lot of times on the weekdays, it’s empty. Those mountains are magic out there.


MB2 Raceway

It’s indoor go-kart racing, and they have a killer track with these fat carts. If you grab your kids right after school you’ll have the tracks to yourself. It’s really great. They’re tiny karts and you’ll feel like you’re going 105 mph.

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