My LA to Z: DJ Vice

The popular DJ takes time out between gigs to chat about his favorite L.A. club, where he picks up designer sneakers, and the vegan spot he hits twice a week


DJ Vice started spinning at local hip-hop radio station Power 105.9 out of high school in 1997. Now the DJ, who was born in Eagle Rock and resides in Toluca Lake, shuttles between L.A., New York, Miami and Las Vegas. 

1 LotusVegan 

Lotus Vegan

This is my local spot. It’s in North Hollywood, which is a short drive from my place. I travel a lot so I try to eat as healthy as I can while I’m in L.A. I eat here at least twice a week. I usually order the garlic pepper soy chicken with brown rice.

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I spin here every Thursday night when I’m in town. It feels like Vegas and Miami brought into L.A. It’s been open about four months now. It’s open until 4 a.m. and you usually don’t get that in L.A.

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3 Lalas 

Lala’s Argentine Grill

I usually meet up with friends at Lala’s before a night out. It’s an Argentine Grill right on Ventura Blvd. in Studio City. We order a pitcher of sangria and have some drinks before heading out for the night.

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4 PhoCiti 

Pho Citi

I eat Pho three times a week. It’s my hangover remedy. I like to try to stay away from Hollywood after spinning. And this place is open 24 hours. It’s perfect. I love putting tons of sriracha sauce on my Pho after a night out.






I always hit up this store when I’m in L.A. It’s my one-stop shop. I try to knock my shopping out as fast as I can. I usually find a lot of brands like A.P.C. that I wear.

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6 Undefeated 


I go here for my shoes. I hit this place up pretty often to keep up with what’s new. I just went 3 weeks ago and picked up a pair of Air Max 90s. I’m big on Nikes. My shoes take up most of the space in my closet. Out of the 200 pairs I own, 170 of them are Nikes.

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7 ChandlerBikeway 

The Chandler Bikeway

I walk my dachshund here. It’s a two-mile stretch. It’s usually not crowded and it’s wide open. This is where I get my exercise, since it’s tough for me to get to the gym.

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8 StaplesCenter 

Staples Center

I have an 11-year-old son who is a huge Lakers fan. We usually go to the games together. He’s a bit spoiled but I like spoiling him and myself by going to all the places I couldn’t go to when I was younger. 

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Burke Williams Spa

I go to spas in Vegas pretty frequently while I’m working there. The best thing here in L.A. is Burke Williams. I go to the one in Sherman Oaks. I usually get an hour-long deep tissue massage and I use the steam room.

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