My LA to Z: Diego Klattenhoff

The Canadian-born actor—you may recognize him as Captain Mike Faber on Showtime’s Emmy-winning drama Homeland—lists his favorite place to grab a beer, where he goes to work out, and the surprising spot that once refused him service

Photograph by Marc Cartwright


The Dresden

I know it’s very hip and cool and kind of touristy, but I live over in Los Feliz, so I’ve been there many, many nights. It’s a great spot to go hang out, see some really cool music and chat. It reminds me of an old school place from when men were brought up to be gentlemen. I’ve been known to drink gallons of beer so I’m kind of cutting back on that these days.  

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I’m not a hugely fancy guy, but we just got lunch from Yuca’s, a go-to spot for locals around here. 

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It’s a restaurant from Toronto. I lived there for about seven years and it’s an institution up there. I’ve been [to the L.A. one] a few times and had some really nice dinners. I’m not very picky—the pizza is really good there and the pasta is fantastic. It’s very simple but very tasty.

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The Alcove

We just had a baby and we’ve been living on take-out these days. I know everyone goes there to sit outside and look at each other—it’s kind of like the Ivy—but we live just a couple blocks away. The red velvet cake is a definite recommendation. They have really good salads over there.

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Wilson & Harding Golf Courses

We’ve got two great golf courses and I can see many afternoons being spent over there. I will definitely play a few rounds. I’m not a great golfer by any means, but I enjoy getting out there.

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Runyon Canyon

I usually take friends from out of town up to Runyon Canyon and show them all the locals. It’s like the Ivy—everybody gets dressed up to go on a quote-unquote hike to check each other out. It’s pretty funny, but there are beautiful views there. I also try to keep it really local. There are some great places in Silver Lake, all these old stairs and I like to run up and down them and get a great workout.

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There’s a lot of beautiful beaches. Going makes me think of the first time I came here and saw all the palm tree-lined streets. There’s a beach that we found just behind the colony in Malibu that’s really tucked away and quiet.   

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There’s something about driving around Mulholland at night and seeing all the lights of the city. I first did that when I was down from Toronto—I did a pilot maybe nine years ago—and it was amazing. Geographically, it’s so different from Toronto. You come down here and it’s 80- 85-degrees and then you drive around at night and you can look out over the city and imagine what’s out there.



The Old Place

It’s just kind of tucked away, like you’re in a small town. I would have loved to be around there in the ‘70s, just cruising. We got there right when they stopped serving and we were so hungry and people were sitting there eating—it was torture. The food looked fantastic. We haven’t been able to make it back there with the baby but we will.  

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