My LA to Z: Dick Sittig

The voice behind Jack in the Box shares where he takes the family for snow gear, the sushi spot that shuts him up, and his favorite place to see celebrities


You may not recognize Dick Sittig, founder and creative director of Secret Weapon marketing, face to face, but you surely know his work: He’s the man and voice behind Jack in the Box. He is also a USC alum and Point Dume resident.


Ortolan Restaurant

My wife and I like Ortolan. We limit it to really special occasions. Malibu is a flip-flop and Ugg kind of town and every now and again it’s nice to dress up and sit in a tufted banquette for a grown-up evening. I get whatever the chef recommends that night, it’s all good.

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Hotel Casa del Mar

The bar at Hotel Casa del Mar is pretty great for meetings. You know you can always find a quiet place to have a conversation. You’re never competing for a stool, and it’s pretty great for out of town clients to be on the beach.

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Buffalo Club

It’s very close to my agency. I like to sit on the terrace outside and we’ve hosted a couple of events there. I like that it’s secret. You really have to know where it is to find it.

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I like to snowboard, and I could spend all day in the Burton store on Melrose. I started snowboarding at Snow Summit 25 years ago. In return for doing their advertising they gave me a board and a season pass. Now I go to the Burton store every winter to treat myself and the family to some new gear. The kids are growing, so that’s a constant upgrade.

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Malibu Tide Pools

I like the tide pools in Paradise Cove by the Paradise Cove Beach Café. It’s beautiful and pretty peaceful. It’s not a big social scene, it’s just a chance to interact with nature and see your kids do something healthy away from the TV set and computer.

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I like to go to Nobu in Malibu because the sushi is really great and there’s guaranteed star sightings. If the relatives from out of town come, that’s a big thrill. I saw Adam Sandler there a week ago.

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Barneys New York

I get to wear shorts to work, but when I buy suits I go to Barneys. Once when I went there, the tailor greeted me with a big smile and a hug and I said, ‘Do you know who I am?’ And he said, ‘I do sir.’ He thought I was Kelsey Grammer. The last time I was there they pulled out the claim checks for suits and had me sign them for their kids as Jack.

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Spinal Tap Unwigged & Unplugged

I saw Spinal Tap Unwigged at the Wiltern with my kids last spring. I thought, Oh they’ll see what Dad laughs at. It was really funny but incredibly inappropriate for a 14-year-old and a 9-year-old. I completely misjudged that one. Lots of stern looks from my wife.

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Don’t bring the children and don’t order the California roll. Their deal is you sit down and shut up. You don’t tell them anything and it’s awesome. They serve the sushi on warm rice and it makes a huge difference. We go two or three times a month. It’s like my Cheers.



Jack in the Box

I really eat the Mini Sirloin Burgers. They’re awesome. And not just because I sing the song and they come from little cows the size of schnauzers. It’s the sirloin that makes them so awesome.

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