My LA to Z: DEV

When the 22-year-old pop star’s not busy on the music front, you’ll find her watching movies and drinking beer with fiancé and professional skate boarder Jimmy Gorecki




I grew up in Northern California, and I’d always go to the store in the Bay, so when I moved to L.A. I kind of just stuck with it. Amoeba is where I go. It is very overwhelming. It’s massive, but it has everything. 

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I really like going to Virgo and Cinema—they’re pretty much right next to each other. The really cool thing about them is that they sell vintage clothes as well as custom pieces. You can go in and buy denim shorts that are completely studded or sewn with prints on them. You know, things like that—really cool button-up shirts with completely bedazzled collars. It’s a little mix of custom and vintage.

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It’s all ’80s metal and glam rock on the inside. It’s really f-ckin cool. That’s where I go to get interesting cuts and dies.

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The Gorbals

It’s really interesting food that is delicious. The broccoli there is really good, and it’s mixed with soy and chili. They have a lot of good beers there, too. I grew up drinking Bud Light, so when I go to restaurants with these wide selections of beer from all these other places, I’m like ‘This is awesome!’ I always have my fiancé order for me. 

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Anytime I go into Westwood, I get sentimental. I’ve been touring so much the past year, and I never got to spend too much time in L.A. because I was always gone. But then when I was pregnant, I got to hang out [in Westwood] a lot. Our doctor’s appointments would always be there, so I’d make a whole day of it. Now when we drive down there, it’s definitely precious.



L.A. Live

We live downtown, so the Staples Center is just a walk away. We’ll go to L.A. Live and watch movies a lot. When I’m home, I just like to chill.

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Angels Knoll

There’s a really cool spot I recently did a photo shoot at in a park in downtown L.A., and it’s in the movie (500) Days of Summer. That park is really awesome.



The Roxy Theatre

It’s a legendary spot, but I love the vibe. Intimate venues are always really fun. I was recently there, like a month-and-a-half ago, to perform. It was awesome, I got to bring my parents, my sisters, and I even had my little baby there with soundproof headphones on. It was cool.

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