My LA to Z: Davy Rothbart

The editor of Found magazine tells us where he orders sushi (with substitutions), shops for T-shirts, and can’t wait to see My Heart is An Idiot, his book of personal essays out now, on sale


Gold Room

My go-to bar. It’s real chill. If you order a beer they give you a shot of tequila, so that’s pretty cool. I just like the vibe in there. I call it “my office” because it’s where I’ll have people meet me. I love to go there for a drink at the end of the night.

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Tacos Arizas Taco Truck

 I usually just get three or four tacos and it’s like five bucks. I like sitting on the upturned crates. There’s something communal about people sitting outside, eating their tacos. There’s a social aspect to it that’s kind of fun. 




Sushi A Go Go

The sushi is to die for and they’re just really friendly. I only go there maybe once a month, but I asked for some substitutions a long time ago and they know my order now. It’s a good feeling to have someone recognize you and give you a smile. I order a premium combo but with all tuna instead of a mix.

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Runyon Canyon

I love Runyon Canyon. I feel like people hate on it a little bit because they think people get dressed up to go hiking or because it’s too crowded or whatever, but I love it. I go right before dark, so it’s a bit cooler and you can see the sunset. There’s a prayer box where people put their prayers, and I don’t know if it’s bad etiquette but I always read through them. Sometimes people are hoping a family member gets well, or sometimes it’s some kid hoping his video will go viral.




I like going to thrift stores. I have hundreds of thrift store T-shirts. Literally 98% of my clothes are from thrift stores. Some people complain that L.A. thrift stores are picked over, but I’m not just looking for hipster vintage T-shirts. I have a weird attraction to clothes that no one would ever wear because they’re so unfashionable. And I wear them. 

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Skylight Books

They’re so friendly, they have the most amazing books, and they’ve been really supportive of me. They’ve sold more copies of Found magazine than any store in the world. But even if I didn’t have that tie, it would be a store I love to browse. Skylight is the Pandora of bookstores. They know what I’d want to read and have it waiting.

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Staples Center

I’m a huge basketball fan. I live in Angelino Heights, really close to the arena. The weekend I moved here I went to the Pistons-Clippers game and the Pistons beat the Clippers. It was pretty awesome.

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Hollywood High School

I play basketball on Sundays at Hollywood High with a great group of guys. One friend of mine invited me to play there and I’ve been going back every week since. It’s a lot of movie and magazine writers and a lot of actors. I’d say my pickup skills are strong. I’m maybe not as tenacious as I could be, but I really have fun at those games.

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Elysian Park

I walk there pretty much every day. I was never a super hacky sack guy but I played my fair share back in the ‘80s and ‘90s, and one time I saw these two dudes at the park and got in on their game. I ran into those guys a couple other times and gave one my number. Then after being away working for about a month I got this phone call from some number I didn’t recognize, and it was him saying they were about to go down to the park. We had a good time hanging out and it made me feel like I really live here now. I have hacky sack friends.

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Casanova’s No. 2

My whole haircut is getting my head shaved every three weeks. It’s pretty simple. There’s a woman there named Judy and we don’t really have that much in common—she doesn’t speak a lot of English and I don’t speak a lot of Spanish—and yet she’s the brightest, cheeriest, kindest person. She does my hair and it’s a great neighborhood thing.

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The Cinefamily

I love Cinefamily! Their programming is unique, offering first-looks at some incredible upcoming indie films and documentaries, plus great cult classics. It’s an amazing, intimate place where you can see awesome films and then hear directors like Erroll Morris, Werner Herzog, and Mark and Jay Duplass talk afterwards about their work and answer questions.

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