My LA to Z: Curtis Stone

The hot tamale host of Bravo’s “Top Chef Masters” dishes on where he gets artisan cheeses, great antiques, and a trim for those Aussie locks



Lindy & Grundy

This butcher is a new love. I found them somewhat by accident one afternoon before throwing a dinner party, and I’ve been coming ever since. I love everything they stand for. They have only local, organically raised meats and they use the whole animal. After butchering the meat, they use the rest to make everything from stocks to dog food.

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Sushi Park

Everything that comes out of the kitchen at Sushi Park is incredible. The sashimi completely melts in your mouth. It’s some of the softest, most buttery seafood I’ve ever eaten. Don’t miss the sushi-style sea urchin.





Lake Hollywood Reservoir Dog Park

It’s not everyday that you find a grassy dog park in Los Angeles, and I’d bet there isn’t another with the Hollywood sign looming in the distance. I love taking my Golden Retriever here. Sometimes, after playing a bit of fetch, we’ll run around the nearby reservoir or hike the path up to the Hollywood sign.




The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills

This store has such an amazing selection of cheeses that it’s impossible not to walk out the door with lighter pockets. From the Italian Gorgonzola Dolcelatte to Ile de France’s mushroom-y Gratte Paille or an extra-aged Manchego from La Mancha, a trip to the Cheese Store is a journey around the world.

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Sunset Nursery

I’m seriously obsessed with my vegetable garden. The weather in L.A. is just perfect for growing your own food, and Sunset Nursery is the place to go for heirloom vegetables, hard-to-find herbs, seeds, and supplies.

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Getty Villa

I brought my mum to the Getty Villa when she came to visit and ended up falling in love with the place. There’s so much beautiful Greek and Roman art, and the gardens are planted with Mediterranean fruit trees and herbs. 

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Santa Monica Seafood

Growing up in Melbourne, Australia, fresh seafood was a huge part of my life. Santa Monica Seafood has such amazing, high-quality fish that it keeps me from getting too homesick.

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Gorgeous Hair Salon

This is a tiny little salon right next to a tattoo parlor. That might be why everyone who works there is covered in ink. Razor and Cassie are total rock stars. Super cool people and no pretense.

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Heath Ceramics

Good food is essential, but no dinner party is complete without a nicely laid table. Whether you’re looking for gorgeous Mid-century dinnerware or beautiful linens (I’m crazy about Commune), it’s all there.

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Wertz Brothers Antique Mart

Talk about a place to get lost for a while. A mind-blowing amount of antiques and curios that take you around the world and back in time. I love to wander through the rows.

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Pinches Tacos

I’m a sucker for a hole in the wall that serves authentic food, and Pinches is the epitome. Since moving to L.A., Mexican food has become a bit of an addiction. The carnitas tacos with citrus-scented pork are definitely a drug.

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