My LA to Z: Cristina Ehrlich

Cristina Ehrlich moved to L.A. as a child. Now the sought-after celebrity stylist (Amy Adams and Penelope Cruz are clients) is launching her debut fashion line on QVC. Ehrlich told us where she eats, works out, and found her new favorite dress

Barneys New York

Barneys is a regular stomping ground for me. When I’m in a pinch you could see me in Barneys every other day. There’s real range there. They have classic things, avant-garde things, specialty things—and their salespeople are really savvy. It’s a place I can go and leave having learned something new. 

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Des Kohan

It’s a little bit off the beaten path, so you’re not going to stumble upon it. The owner is the chicest little girl and she just carries the best stuff. It’s hard when I go in there because there’s not much I don’t want. The last thing I purchased there is my favorite dress ever and every time I wear it everybody freaks. It’s by Anja Schwerbrock, and it’s very simple and interesting. 

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Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga

He is the original master of the term power yoga. He has two studios in Santa Monica and his classes are by donation only. It’s hatha yoga, but he’s a really intelligent man. You can leave an hour and forty-five minutes later with a different perspective.

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The Original Famers Market

When I was little I used to take dance classes on Third Street and then walk over to the Farmers Market. Everything still has a real mom-and-pop feel to it. I love that there is still the nuts and the fruit and the magazines and the Cuban restaurant—everything.

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My father has a house just at the end of Broad Beach that he bought in ’71 when we first moved to Los Angeles. That’s where my brother and I grew up. I visit him all the time. We have lunch and walk on the beach. It’s the ultimate place to bring the dogs.


Blue Plate Oysterette

It’s got a real east coast vibe, like you’re in Sag Harbor or Main. I love oysters and the last time I was there I had a great white wine. The waitress just said, “Trust me.”

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The Little Door

I’ve been going to the Little Door, not to date myself, but for at least fifteen years. The menu changes everyday and as much as they can provide it, it’s organic fair. The garden room is the best. It has an amazing ambiance and a bar scene, too. The waiters know my favorite is the au bon climat. 

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Joan’s on Third

There are certain things there, like the tuna and the chickpeas, that I actually crave. And they have the most insane candy buyer ever. A week ago I got a cow’s tail; it’s taffy covered in white chocolate. It is great to go there early in the morning or at the end of the daywhen you can go in and really look around. 

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Franklin Canyon

I love it because you’re in the city and then, just like that, you’re plopped right in the most beautiful expanse of nature. I either go with my best girlfriend or on my own with my dogs. There used to be beehives and you could smell the honey, but they’ve recently been removed.



Palace Costume

It’s the most high-end vintage shop for stylists and costumers that you can rent from. It’s unbelievable. It’s like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. One room has all men’s blazers from the ‘60s. Another area is all rocker Ts. And it’s very expensive. 

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Cameron Silver is hands-down the best. He really has the most thorough and concise collection of 20th century couture vintage. He’s the funniest guy and going in there is like being greeted by the man who holds the key to Oz. All of my Yves Saint Laurent lady blouses are from him. I blame him for my addiction. 

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