My LA to Z: Creed Bratton

The star of The Office gets alfalfa sprouts strictly at Trader Joe’s, fishes for bass in Lake Sherwood, and hates to see a good steak go to waste


Creed Bratton is best known for his role as Creed Bratton, the Quality Assurance Manager on NBC’s The Office who, despite the name, shares few similarities with the actor (although both were members of the 60s rock group Grass Roots). Bratton the man is an L.A. local.


Renson Guitars and Guitar Center

I go to Renson Guitars when I need work done. He’s my go to guy with anything to do with guitars. He knows where stuff is and he can repair anything. He’s the conduit for everything. When I just need regular old gizmos, I’ll go to Guitar Center in Sherman Oaks for chords and strings and picks.




Trader Joe’s

I do my shopping at Trader Joe’s. That’s where I buy my food and that’s the only place in town to buy alfalfa sprouts. On the show they have me eating mung beans but I’m an alfalfa sprout guy, and they have the freshest sprouts. They’ve also got great nuts, turkey, and soy milk.

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Il Tramezzino

I’ve been in the studio working and we’ve been getting these Il Tramezzino chicken sandwiches. They’re great chicken sandwiches.

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My buddy Oscar from the show and I go out for sushi a lot. We go to Kiwami down on Ventura. It’s run by Mr. Katsuya and they have a spicy tuna there. Be still my throbbing heart, it’s the most incredible thing.

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Zankou Chicken

I absolutely love Zankou Chicken. Don’t you? Steve Carrell loves it too. He has it brought to the set and we all go, “Yay! Thanks to our fearless leader!”

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In-N-Out Burger

I’m into fresh foods, fish, and salads, but once in a while I get that urge and I go down for a protein-style Double-Double at In-N-Out. I drive in with my pickup truck with a dead coyote hanging out and get that Double-Double. I’m not about the carbs so I get it protein style.

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Lake Sherwood

I don’t fish L.A. Oh wait, yes I do. I fish up at Lake Sherwood for bass, but I don’t eat them—it’s L.A.! If I see a bunch of fish and I can’t catch them, I’ll go in with scuba gear and spear. That’s illegal of course, but Creed doesn’t care about that.

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Vibrato Grill Jazz…Etc.

If I need a fresh steak, I go to Vibrato’s and listen to some good jazz. I could never be a vegan, I see good meat and I hate to waste it. Why waste it? I hate to waste good food.

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