My LA To Z: Courtney And Carter Reum

The brothers and co-founders of VeeV acai spirits and VitaFrute cocktails find L.A. to be—dare we say it?—”neat.” Here they spill their top shelf locales, including hidden date spots, Instagrammable Farmers’ Markets, and where to sweat out their low-cal libations



Chi Lin/RivaBella

One is a Chinese place and the other is an Italian place, but they have the same owner. They’re kind of connected so you can walk from one to the other, which is fun. I like that there’s this little micro-neighborhood popping up there. At Chi Lin I really like the Peking duck. RivaBella is good classic Italian, which L.A. has a dearth of in my opinion, coming from New York and Chicago. Try the eggplant parm.

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Sky Zone

It feels a little weird because you’re the only one over sixteen, but it’s so much fun. Where we’re from you were really cool if you had your birthday at Chuck E. Cheese or the Lombard Roller Rink, so this is kind of a reincarnation of that.

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Petit Ermitage

This is probably the best hidden dinner date spot in L.A. It’s a little hotel in West Hollywood—you can miss it if you blink—and you can have dinner on the roof. It’s not a place I go often, but every time I do it has served me well.

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Hollywood Bowl

The Bowl is literally my favorite place to be spending an evening in L.A. It may not be original, but it really is. The best thing is the Hollywood movie music. Star Wars with a full orchestra, the Jaws song—when I go, I want to be there at six o’clock to tailgate, but a tailgate there is like sangria and a picnic.

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iPic Theatres

It’s this movie theater in Pasadena where they have La-Z-Boys instead of traditional seats, meaning there are only 40 or so seats in the entire theatre. They serve really good food, bottles of wine, and liquid nitrogen cocktails. They actually serve our new ready-to-drink cocktail, VitaFrute, which is VeeV’s organic, all natural, low-calorie answer to Skinny Girl. It’s hard to go to a regular movie theater after that.

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True Food Kitchen

This place is quintessential L.A. in Santa Monica place: California cuisine, really healthy, really clean, you sit outside, you’re on the water. Having grown up in the Midwest I like malls, actually, and Santa Monica place is a much nicer mall than we ever would have experienced. The crudité there is amazing. That is my thing. If we’re getting technical, the sauces are phenomenal. I don’t know what is in them, but they make vegetables taste a lot better.

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Annenberg Space for Photography

L.A. has a lot of culture even though people will act like it doesn’t. You just have to seek it out. I really like photography, so I think the Annenberg space is cool. I’m excited about the Helmut Newton show. I go once every couple months when they change up the installations.

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The Grotto Trail: Malibu

I figure everyone in L.A. says a hike, so I picked one that’s a little off the beaten path. It has a waterfall, but it’s kind of around a cliff. I would say it’s on par with Temescal Canyon. The waterfall stuff is always a little scary, but only because it can be slippery. It’s for intermediate hikers, I’d say.

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