My LA to Z: Claire Holt

The Aussie turned Angeleno, who played Rebekah on <em>The Vampire Diaries</em>, is hanging up her fangs to star in NBC’s <em>Aquarius</em> (premiering May 28). Here she talks rooftop sunsets, her coffee addiction, and the best Thai food outside of Thailand

Sweet Chili Thai

faison2I love Thai food, and Sweet Chili Thai has the most delicious and fresh dishes you can possibly get. It’s a tiny little hole-in-the-wall—really a hidden gem. I eat there at least once a week, and I like to get the cashew chicken dish or the green curry. Thai is my favorite food, and outside of Thailand this is the best.

Cycle House


I really love spinning, and I think this studio has the best classes that I’ve taken. The instructors are amazing; I really love Nick’s class. The best thing about it is that for every class you buy, they donate two meals to Feeding America. It’s really good motivation to work out.

Glow Bio

faison2I’m a really big fan of Kimberly Snyder. She’s a nutritionist, and a lot of what she talks about is proper food combinations. Everything she sells in the store goes along with that. I stop there to get my juice fix, salads, and snacks. They have a great range of smoothies, and a lot of it is vegan and gluten free.

Balboa Golf Course

faison4It’s the least pretentious golf course in L.A. I love to go on a Sunday and play nine holes. It’s super relaxed, really fun, you don’t need fancy equipment, and you can rent clubs. You don’t even need to be good at golf! It’s a nice place without the country club vibe.

Alfred Coffee & Kitchen

faison5I love coffee. I can’t go a day without it. Alfred just opened two more stores, and it’s the best coffee I’ve found in L.A. It’s a really great vibe and the baristas are so nice. People really love their coffee in Australia, and I’m always seeing Aussies there, so I think that’s a good sign.


faison7It’s a new restaurant from the same owners of Laurel Hardware. They have the best cocktails in a really beautiful space. There’s a great garden patio that I like to go to on a Friday or a Saturday for a drink. The Simone is the best—it’s a pink tequila drink, but it’s not sweet at all. You’ll see guys drinking it all the time.

Beverly Hot Springs

faison8It’s a Korean mineral spa. I love to go and soak in the pools and get the body scrub, which feels like it’s taking off ten layers of skin. You feel so good and so soft afterwards.

The Roof at Hotel Erwin

faison8I love going in the late afternoon for a bite or a drink. There are awesome views of the ocean, and it’s a really beautiful place to watch the sun go down. They have a DJ in the summer, and people are in a great mood and having a wonderful time. It’s more of a friends spot—it’s really fun to go with a group.

Square One

faison8It is my absolute favorite brunch in L.A. You’ll have to wait for a table, but it is definitely worth it. You can tell by the number of people standing outside that it’s a great place to go to. They have this brioche French toast that is really awesome, but everything is so good I can’t just pick one dish.

Melrose Place Farmers Market

faison8I’ll go by Alfred for my coffee and then go to the farmers market. They have really lovely, fresh flowers and produce, and there is a bakery stand and a bread stand with killer potato bread. That’s what I like to do with my Sunday mornings!

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